Kapos and Trump’s new “Ambassador”

Another charming appointment that President Trump plans to make is an Israel-loving hard liner who wants to give Israel carte blanche. His name is David Friedman. He has called peace workers kapos. Kapos were the Jewish prisoners who did the dirty work at Nazi concentration camps. I’d like to show our likely new ambassador the […]


A family member recently Facebooked a Fake news story about the 700 Club’s smarmy Pat Robertson. In it Pat was accused of disparaging a sleveless dress worn by Michelle Obama while heaping praise on a semi nude pic of Melania Trump. Didn’t happen! I thought I might have referred to a similar story in a […]

The “wrong side” is winning

https://zippy.gfycat.com/SoulfulAcclaimedKouprey.webm Despite the impossibly compelling news items today about our unraveling Presidency I have only one item to mention in the blog today. It comes from the NPR interview with the author of the soon to be released novel “Varina.” It is about the wife of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. In real life Varina Davis […]

A Rose by any other name

For a couple of days I’ve gotten two comedian’s confused. But first let me interject a completely unnecessary digression about female comedians (since I’ve been studying French for the past several months) The two entertainers I’ve confused are both women. In french, and also English, they could be called “comédiennes.” My wife would object to […]

Darwin, Einstein, Archimedes…

…Save the Earth and eat your wheaties! That was my chant at today’s Duluth Earth Day/Science day march. I only shouted it once but even my wife and daughter laughed. This was my third march in a year since Trump’s election – the third in fact since Vietnam. It was a lovely day for the […]

House Hunting

The Trib reports that the Duluth City Council wants to address the issue of homelessness. I found these two paragraphs pertinent: “According to the Maxfield study which was done in April of 2014, at that time it was determined that we needed approximately 2,482 units of rental housing for people who earn 50 to 80 […]

Awash in Books

Thirty years ago I read that an early Chinese leader ordered the destruction of as many ancient Chinese history texts as he could lay his hands on. God praise the Internet but I just discovered that the Emperor was no less than Qin Shi Huang the Emperor who first unified China and is probably best […]

3 AM again

Just like yesterday I woke up early and started thinking. Maybe like our President I should begin tweeting at whoever is the latest person to dis me. As I suggested in my early morning post yesterday its probably my fear for America’s future that gives me insomnia. In Trump’s case the smart ass in me […]

Fear, Loathing, Loyalty, Sacrifice….

….Some of the things on my mind during my nine hour drive today. On Tuesday I’ll be headed into one of Donald Trump’s States, Kansas. That’s where I was born and my family was solidly Republican like the majority of Kansans. I will live with the results of this election however it turns out. If […]

The other hurricane in the news

Unless some unhinged NRA fanatic takes up Donald Trump’s hint that Hillary could be taken out before she’s sworn into office I’d say that the first “black” president will be succeeded by the first female president. That’s not how this post began 24 hours ago before the “live mike” recording of Donald Trump was released […]