The lucky charm, the wink and the next best thing

I have my fingers crossed that I will get the best night’s sleep tonight that I’ve gotten in about 3 weeks. That’s because I made a decision that I’d been hinting at here on the blog since before my unsurprising defeat at the August 9th Republican primary. I will be spending the remaining days of the Congressional Campaign sharing my contempt for Pete Stauber in hopes of accomplishing the “next best thing.” The best thing would have been defeating Pete in the primary. The next best thing is getting Jen Schultz elected. More on the in a moment.

I’ve twice called someone in hopes that they would pass along the offers I’ve made in this blog to campaign for Jen. I heard crickets. But perhaps I hadn’t been overt enough. Saturday I got overt and made a call asking someone to make a call. Then on Sunday night I got a call from Jen’s campaign, or rather from someone helping all the DFLers and assumed it was the Schultz campaign calling me back. It wasn’t exactly but I eagerly explained what I wanted to do. We had a meeting and I explained all I needed was a wink. I didn’t need to talk to anybody in the campaign but I just needed a wink. A wink that would satisfy my wife’s insistence that I not help the Schultz campaign without making sure I wasn’t stepping on toes. I’ve never talked with Jen’s campaign but I got a wink so……

…..So I went to UMD spent thirty very delightful minutes in the Student Association Office and left my campaign stuff and a deck of snow sculpture cards. Then I went to two offices to find out how I could comply with campus rules once again passing out leaflets in the Droms and possibly meeting with students to enroll them in a campaign to remove a Trumplican congressman who doesn’t care about the police Trump’s patriot’s killed on Jan 6th, who is a climate change denier and who would force a raped nine year old to go through a Caesarian section because the rape sperm in her became sacred at the moment of conception.

And those are just some of the reasons I do not want Pete Stauber elected to desecrate the memory of Abraham Lincoln who called for Malice toward none is a joke in Trump’s paranoid Qanon party.

When I walked home from UMD I glanced down at a bunch of beach stones and found a large agate. I used to look for them all the time and have buckets of them waiting for me to resume polishing them. I haven’t found one this big in ten years. It was my lucky charm and maybe a sign from a God who hates to seem me walking along beeches combing while the stewards of his Earth are bringing on the Sixth Extinction.

My lucky charm

I haven’t read the history of the Trail of Tears today, Unworthy Republic. Its fifth section is about the change from tormenting the Indians of the Deep South and robbing them blind to their outright exterminated by the money men of New York, cotton and land speculators, and the white supremacist’s slave society that wants the Indians rich black soil. The surviving Chickasaw and Choctaw will leave a little of their DNA in one of my grandsons. I feel an obligation to know that history.

But first I have to read this post into my phone and put it on youtube. When UMD students get wind of my campaign I want them to find this. Before America can turn its attention to dialing back category 5 hurricanes, the latest of which seems to have taken the life of one of my wife’s cousin’s on Sanibel Island, we have to calm Trumpers down about the Deep State. Oh its real and its a phantom at the same time mostly giving secret billions to the Republican Party. Its made up of the people who cheated the Indians, who financed slavery who used is power to leverage great fortunes in eastern banking cities. Its a blessing as much as a curse and has financed the business of America. But Trumpers have been on the losing end of this financial empire. The great irony is that they adore a man who gave the super rich massive tax breaks making them even richer at the expense of the Trumpers. Someday I hope more Trumpers catch on. Coming to terms with Trump’s duplicity will help break the fever.

I’m ready to youtube this.

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