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Literature and Western Man

As I was putting away the book Pox Americana I took a peek at another book I failed to finish ten years ago, “Literature and Western Man.” I probably bought it at our Library’s annual book sale. For the heck of it I decided to google search its author JB Priestly.

He fought in WW1, got an education at Cambridge and turned to literary criticism. He was also a socialist who got elected to Parliament.

Ten years ago we took the kids on a two week B&B tour of England. In London we went to a play called “An Inspector Calls” a murder mystery. I was impressed because the stage was set up for a real downpour in the opening scene. It was an entertaining play but it had a moralizing, socialist bent. The murderer turned out to be a rich industialist. Dirty capitalist pig!

The play was written by Priestly!

Pre nup

An hour ago I was sitting in the sauna at the fitness center after my mile swim. A couple of guys were complaining about their girlfriends/mothers-of-their-children. The girlfriends had let themselves go. One was still wearing maternity cloths two months after giving birth. The other had been told that if only she lost weight her fare to Hawaii would be paid for. (Overweight people just look out of place on Waikiki) She didn’t manage to qualify for the trip.

After listening for a while I commented that something should have been written into the pre nup.