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Just another day on the job

Just another day on the job for President Trump.

Meanwhile Bernie drops out. I have a brother-in-law who will be steamed. He keeps sending out Facebook posts lambasting Joe Biden. But Bernie is doing the right thing. In fact, by remaining in the Senate he could finally have a chance to be successful in moving the country away from the Right wing abyss. As a candidate he would (until the corona-virus) have been far more likely to have helped Republicans keep control of the US Senate with their pathological fear of letting the government step in and do things like……deal with a corona-virus pandemic.

Corona Virus Updates 4-7-2020

My Brother in law was chatting with neighbors where he winters in Arizona. The subject of the virus came up and the neighbors called it a hoax. There are a lot of Trump bumperstickers in the neighborhood. My Bro-in-law set him straight. His son had just been hospitalized out there in the boonies of North Dakota with a life or death case of it. Today I ran across a pro Trump website that says Trump said no such thing giving the president a pass by claiming he only said it was a Democratic hoax. Funny but they guy who joined in to call it a hoax didn’t seem to catch that fine point. We called that “parsing” when Clinton told us is could be defined all sorts of different ways.

Well here’s yesterday’s broadcast about my nephews survival.

My French pen pal told me it was unlikely it would be safe for me to attend my French language course six months from now because it was being reported in France that a vaccine would take 2 years to develop. Tonight on PBS medicine man Bill Gates said it might take two years.

The Republican Party has created a nightmare of ignorance, anti-education, anti-science, anti-smarts, which is a fallow field for paranoia to grow in like mold in a petrie dish. As they have sown so shall we all reap.

Welty Campaign Miscellany

Pete Stauber’s other challengers on the DFL side of things are having their own struggles with coronavirus as reported by the DNT.

The more serious of the three has raised $100,000. That’s peanuts but more will come to whoever wins the endorsement as Fall approaches. In the meantime Congressman Stauber gets lots of free press. But Pete’s campaign depends on Donald Trump’s success. If Elon Musk or Bill Gates or some other multibillionaire comes up with a guaranteed vaccine independent of Trump the Prez would try to take the credit. People crawling out of their caves might reward him by giving him four more years to continue dividing his disunited America.

On the GOP side My campaign is limited by my attic office and the number of people who stumble into my blog or my Facebook campaign site which is still sleeping. I miss the ability to put a webpage together. 2018 was the first year I ran for office since 2000 without the benefit of a personally managed campaign website. I did have a family member put one together for me but it lacked the nimbleness of minute by minute changes I once was able to take care of. Lincoln Democrat as a blog is much trickier to manage that way. In the early years there was no traffic. Today Internet virality makes websites as potentially infectious as the cornovirus.

And all sorts of anonymous actors are busy on the virality front. Today an old acquaintance from the GOP of 1978 sent me this video IN ENGLISH. Its ominous and meant to be. It is however pretty obviously the work of a very sophisticated right wing European actors. No doubt the Kremlin would love it. I’ll spare you the Trump-worshiping, paranoia-spreading message but I think you could intuit it even here in the German tongue. These Are Donald Trump’s friends. They remind me of a movie where demons from hell thrust their claws up from below the pavement and pull innocents down to Hell. Go Trump!!!!

And a correction may be due from an earlier post. As with everything I’ve ever written on Lincolndemocrat what I posy regarding politics is subject to human fallibility – My fallibility.

A friend listened to a video in which I said that we (America) could have been working on a vaccine for Coronavirus for the last year. My friend pointed out that it was only in December – four months ago – that the virus was genetically sequenced. That is not a full year. I recall where I got the year long figure and I will check it out again. But I value my friend’s advice. I was told to avoid any misinformation that would call my campaign into question. Only the President has followers who think his lies add up to some sort of greater truth giving them cover to hold church services of a thousand people. Such faith! President’s bully pulpit screams nonsense. He even refused to let Fauci contradict him on his pet anti-malarial drug boosterism. This is not surprising. Trump just made sure the virus carrying commander of the Aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt got sacked for looking out for his sailors in defiance of Trump’s insistence on butterflies and rainbows.

Re PETE after me:

Congressman Pete Stauber is a non-stop green light for our half baked Commander-in-Thief.
Congressman Pete Stauber is a non-stop green light for our half baked Commander-in-Thief.
Congressman Pete Stauber is a non-stop green light for our half baked Commander-in-Thief.
Congressman Pete Stauber is a non-stop green light for our half baked Commander-in-Thief.
Congressman Pete Stauber is a non-stop green light for our half baked Commander-in-Thief.
Congressman Pete Stauber is a non-stop green light for our half baked Commander-in-Thief.

Blessed Assurance

Church via livestreaming.

We began with the song Blessed Assurance while sitting on our living room sofa. Claudia is hand sewing a mask together after reading the names of people on her cell phone who were sharing the piece.

I guess that I am live blogging. I will stop here but note the missing children who we always arm with palm fronds to reenact the Palm Sunday.

Oh yes….the absent choir is being lauded even though we won’t be singing the cantata we had been practicing for today. Maybe next Palm Sunday.

Good Sunday to you.

We are postponing Easter

I have to give a little grudging thank you to President Trump. His stop order on flights from China slowed down the introduction of the virus to the US. I do quibble with his using the occasion to needle the Chinese but otherwise it was the right call. It wasn’t all encompassing.

Thank God for the deep reporting of Trump’s nemesis the “fake news” New York Times. Take this from yesterday’s story:

430,000 People Have Traveled From China to U.S. Since Coronavirus Surfaced
There were 1,300 direct flights to 17 cities before President Trump’s travel restrictions. Since then, nearly 40,000 Americans and other authorized travelers have made the trip, some this past week and many with spotty screening.

This virus has been getting around for a long time. Another Times story laid out the still accelerating casualties just in Poorly tested America today. 300,000 cases of infection and 8,400 deaths. That’s just shy of a 3% death rate.2.8 of every 100 infected people die. And that’s before hospitals are overcrowded with too few incubators to save everyone. That is battlefield triage conditions.

What I can’t forgive Trump for are his daily untethered-to-reality reassurances. The man is a walking Pigpen of untruth.

Claudia and I took our first walk outside today since quarantining ourselves. There were couples like us about every block of our prosperous neighborhood. Married couple side by side Friends and neighbors keeping about 8 feet apart as they walked. Most did not have masks. We didn’t have any. Claudia discovered that her sewing machine was out of order. After an hour or so she gave up on her mask making project. If she continues it will be hand sewn masks.

We had planned on an Easter get together with our family but yesterday learned of some contacts that make such a fete questionable. We have extended our separation for another 14 days. Claudia is allergic to most antibiotics which has already caused difficulties before. Now with a pacemaker she is required to have antibiotics administered before having dental work done. She is suddenly part of an at risk population. And despite this we are among the most sheltered People in the world. We are lucky. We are in a position to stay that way riding this inconvenience out for the next year if necessary until a vaccine becomes a possibility.

Bless the folks taking care of us. Applause for all of them. Curse Fox News.

The only coronavirus lie of this administration that I can forgive

And its not completely a lie and it came from a rightfully panicked health care system. In this the lie was not unlike the explanation from parents who’s children walk in on them during an intimate moment to protect the children from the trauma.

Every health care professional upon realizing that they were about to be overwhelmed with a need for every imaginable tool in the kit to deal with hoards of sick and dying patients, at a time when there was no surplus of desperately needed supplies like ventilators and masks, began dismissing the utility of face masks. It was an understandable means of conserving what the hospitals needed far more badly than healthy people sequestered safely at home.

But it was not true…….like so much coming out of the mouth of the President of the United States along with his spreading of the contagion by incompetence, lies and his phony brand of salesmanship. So now we know that simple breathing and talking can spread the virus two or three feet. I was right to put on a mask at the Mount Royal Supermarket three days ago.

And now my better half is doing her part in the new American pastime. No more Disney Mickey Mouse bandannas for me. I would upload the lastest picture I took of her putting strips of cloth together on an ironing board but it looks like Flickr may have tricked me into updating to a flashy new system costing me 12 years worth of previously uploaded photos. I sent them a somewhat frosty email inquiry about this but for now I’m the one cooling my heels.

Ah, a temporary work around. Here’s that pic:


Speaking of dishonesty:

This is the departure of Captain Crozier from his aircraft carrier in Guam after he was relieved of command because the Joint Chiefs decided to prevent him from containing the contagion of corona virus sweeping across his prison..I mean…air craft carrier. You can see from the video how much his crew appreciated his deferring to their safety instead of the hush hush secrecy that would have kept them on board had their captain not sacrificed his career to keep them safe. Such is the way of our government in our Trump contaminated age. Go Pete Stauber!

CNBC headline 1,000,000 infections, 50,000 deaths – worldwide

That’s a five percent death rate. Five in every hundred infected people die. But then again there are a lot of unknowing carriers still infecting people. The good news is that if we counted all unsuspecting carriers it might only be a 2 percent death rate.

Below Dr. Rishi Desai sets a fox News host straight leaving her speechless. Goes to Thank you Dr. Desai. The Doctor has since sequestered himself with the virus.

And this is a pretty map of Donald’s Trumpet, Fox News leading the charge to tell everyone not to worry. Red America is red indeed showing where complacent Fox watchers have delayed staying-in-place to remain plague free.

Read more on the subject in this NY Times story Where America didn’t stay in place. As is easy to tell from the first map a broad swath of Red Country from the midwest to the south kept spreading the virus that was no worse than a common cold……Trump’s and the Fox master’s assurance.

Georgia is as red as they come and guess what their Governor said today. No one ever told him healthy looking carriers could infect anybody. Peerless leadership. My wife and I have sheltered in place for fourteen days already and neither of us are governors of millions of people.

President does right under protection of lies

Like a cat who rolls off a bed while yawning but picks himself up and licks his paws as though to say “I meant to do that,” Prez Trump stopped hinting that America should open back up on Easter. I, of course, beat on the Commander for that threat in this week’s Reader. He deferred to Dr. Fauci instead of replacing him. He was shrewd enough to realize that suddenly how he handles Coronovirus will determine if he has any chance of reelection. I’ll take what I can get from this creature.

The Newspaper biz under attack for being fake already had enough problems but one of their ripper-offers, Facebook, has the deep pockets to sustain some of them for a while during our virus outbreak. The Big Z will pump $100 million into the papers to keep them afloat. We are in a crisis of local newspaper closings. Again I’ll take what I can get. Facebook comes to the rescue of Print Media

And in more virus news, yet another elected President wants to make himself a Czar. This time its Hungary’s Victor Orban. When I was five, in 1956, Republicans were distressed that we stood by to let Russia snuff out a blooming democratic movement behind that era’s Iron Curtain. Now with wannabe three-termer Trump not a peep. Corono Virus used as justification for Dictatorship

Still life for the age of corona virus

first of three pics. Moi avec mon nouveau look. Must keep up my French. I think my recent difficulty getting a good night’s sleep stems from my excitement at several challenges. Fighting corona virus would be the top of that list. Now I can put on a face mask and have more security should a micron of virus spittle try to invade my respiratory tract. But that’s not all. By shaving my graybeard I won’t look that much older than the 53-year-old Congressman Stauber. Claudia always tells me my beard makes me look much older. I like it and it was a good way to hide my youthful impish qualities that some stodgy voters find off putting. But even with young folks swooning over Bernie I doubt looking curmudgeonly will be that attractive. So now, instead of looking 16 years older than Pete, voters will think I’m only ten years older.

Second pic. Continue reading

A nation of Trump, for Trump, and by Trump

The franking privileges of our President:

Why this useful postcard wasn’t described as coming from the CDC or described as being financed by Congress isn’t in question. Its obvious what Trump people do in our government. They find ways to make everything about Trump and every taxpayer funded governmental responsibility the gift of President Trump. I can’t imagine any other Presidential administration of the past splashing the President’s name so blatantly on a nationally mailed out item.

Thank God his press conferences weren’t included. People would die…..oh, they already have….the ones who took his wonder drug for malaria.

Here’s what my better half saw when she pulled it out of the mail.

Home of the virus deniers slammed with infections

Fox News hit hard despite claims of a hoax by its talking trumpsters:

On Saturday night, Ms. Scott sent another memo to the company’s rattled staff: The fourth case of coronavirus had been reported in Fox News’s headquarters on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. “We are continuing to take every necessary precaution and to follow every protocol which includes deep cleaning all surfaces these employees were in contact with, in addition to the daily sanitizing and disinfecting that has been performed multiple times a day throughout all areas of the building.”

More here: