Grant stayed calm and improvised through the battle. Me too.

Last night we watched the first of the three part History Channel series on Ulysses S. Grant. Its good because Historian Ron Chernow was a principal advisor. I was given his fat book on Grant but I read another very favorable reassessment of Grant a few years back. Chernow is adding his considerable voice to the reappraisal. Tonight I watched the second half. Hearing and or reading a story from different vantage points helps fix facts in one’s mind.

This morning we had visitors inside our house for the first time in two months. My brother and sister in law and their daughter stopped by fully masked and we talked though masks for almost two hours. It was much fun. My sister in law is a nurse anesthetist and she doesn’t mess around with stupidity. Of course I had to give them grief about happy heedless Show me staters more crowded in a pool than I would put up with even without corno virus stalking the elderly family members of these Trump cheerleaders. Lake of the Ozarks will speed Missouri to the next big thing…..hospitals turning away the dying.

In the news this Politico story gave me shivers. An economist who predicts a quick semi economic rebound after the next surge says Democrats could get the shock of their life. Even now more voters say they think Trump’s pixie dust makes him a much better person to handle the economy than Joe Biden. Yeah just like Trump’s pixie dust did for his Taj Mahal casino.

Confession time. Late Friday night I accidentally erased a significant chapter from my book and that put me in a tailspin over the weekend. It came at a time when I realized I needed to alter the books organization. I put in three days sorting materials and tomorrow I anticipate I’ll be back to knocking out 5000 or more words a day. Its a short term set back but a long term boon.

and finally, the fellow who told me my family should go let Joe Biden put his hands all over them to find out how creepy the Vice President was wrote me back to say what I sent him was creepy. What did I write to him? This: “I thank you for not being anonymous.”

He Wrote:

“what a creepy reply.. are you collecting data or something?”

I replied:

Are you a bot? If so, the algorithm is very well programmed. I suspect however that you are a real person who is short tempered. For understandable reasons there is a lot of that going around these days.

I was trying to pay you a compliment. I get some abuse for my opinions as you might imagine. When they are anonymous I pay no attention to them. Courage counts for something.

Creepiness is subjective. I cringe at Biden sometimes but the person he is running against once publicly suggested any man would be lucky to date his good looking daughter because she is such a babe. If creepiness was the basis on which I voted for President Biden would get my vote.

I removed your name from your email and I put your email on a blog I keep. That way other people could see the clinical analysis you sent me about the value of the malarial drug. I also linked my post to 2 other related stories. One was a generic news story describing evidence of people suffering because of the drug’s use. The other was about the French scientist who is probably the source of President Trump’s support for its use.

I am certain that even if a full fledged vaccine is ready for production in a week or two there will be a huge surge of hospital crippling corona cases in July. I wish your malaria drug would nip that in the bud. Sometimes such drugs work well with other diseases. I don’t think yours will do that.

I stopped reading the forums by Dr. Kohl who, like you, believes with some justification, that drug manufacturers put profit above public safety. He is another of your Reader columnists. I stopped reading him when he explained that 9/11 was part of an American intelligence conspiracy.


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