Updated at last

My primary work has been on the book I’ve been researching so my posts have gotten very infrequent. I did however have a friend of my son drop over to update my blog. I’ve been afrraid to adopt the various upgrades over the last year because I was afraid I would lose my archives. Well its done now and I can see the user interface has changed. I don’t think any visitors to the blog would notice but it is a little simpler. If I ever get back to regular blogging it should be a little easier for me.

Mrs. Obama says what I deeply believe

Its been my longstanding√ā¬†belief that a politician ought to be more interested in standing for something than winning. I know I know. There is that old saw that the first duty of a politician is to get elected. No doubt that was the rationionale of W’s pals when they told the good Christians of South Carolina just before the 2000 primary that John McCain had fathered a black child.

I believe that how you win ought to be as important as winning and I think a lot of Americans agree with me. Otherwise Barry “I’m on steroids” Bonds would be a much bigger national sports hero than he is. I hope Barrak sticks to the straight talk that John McCain seems to have set aside to win over Dobson, Falwell, et al.