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No one in Minnesota has been more critical of the fraud who became President of the United States earlier or more often or more passionately than the author of this 12-year-old blog dedicated to the genius, patriotism and martyr to Democracy, Abraham Lincoln. No Republican in Congress dares to publicly admit that Donald Trump is little more than a crude, chaos sowing, demagogue who bullied his way several levels above his proper place in the Peter Principle. The memory of Lincoln demands a Republican congressman who will bring honor to the Party of Lincoln once again.

Harry is recording short video summaries of questions voters might be interested in. This will take you to a minute long explanation of why he’s running.

Who knows, this blog might become more accessible than the three million dollars worth of Advertising Congressman Stauber’s campaign can count on from mystery donors. Every public appearance by President Trump in the time of Cornonvirus ought to shift votes Harry’s way. And Harry reminds Minnesotans that any registered resident of the 8th District can vote for him in August’s Republican Primary. That includes Democrats who once crossed over to vote for Republican Governor Arne Carlson and saw to it that he would be on the general election ballot instead of a rabid right-winger. That was 1994. Let’s do it again!

Feel free to submit your own question to Harry at harrywelty@charter.net . In the meantime Harry has anticipated some of them and offers mostly short answers here: Continue reading

Man of the Bible

I sent this video of Sarah Cooper lip syncing the President to my French pen pal S. It is, of course, complete gibberish so I typed up the transcript.

NOTE: if the image doesn’t play go here.

Q. I am wondering what 1 or 2 of your most favorite Bible uh versus are and w…?

A. Well, I wouldn’t want to get into it because to me thats very personal. You know when I talk about the Bible its very personal so I don’t want to get into it. I

Q. You don’t want to get into…

A. No, I, I…

Q. continued….means a lot to you that you think about or cite….

A. The the Bible means a lot to me but I don’t want to get into specifics.

Q. Even to cite a verse that you like…?

A. No! I don’t want to do that….

Q. Are you an Old Testament guy or a New Testament Guy?

A. Probably equal. I think its just an incredible, The whole Bible is an incredible – I joke very much – so they always hold up the Art of the Deal – I say my second favorite book of all time. But a, I just think the Bible is just something very special.

I also mentioned that the President tear gassed peaceful protesters away from the church across the street to make room for his photo op.

Summing up what my campaign is about

KBJR asked me what my campaign is all about. I emailed them this explanation:

This campaign is about the cures that Donald Trump is killing America with. His cures for our health our economy and the seeds of distrust he has sown will cripple America for decades. That’s not the Republican party in the history books that ended slavery and saved the union.

I ran as a protest candidate against a fake Republican, Trumplican Congressman Pete Stauber two years ago. Because he has failed to separate himself from Trump he will have no credibility with next year’s all-but-certain Democratic Congress. Because I have a long history of opposing Trump I will have the credibility to work with Democrats and more importantly to call them to account when they overreach. I like Democrats. Republicans have forgotten what my Republican Mother taught me. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

If you have any other questions shoot them this way.

A “perennial” “provocateur” has second thoughts on his DNT depiction

I’ve had a night to sleep on Brady Slater’s story about my candidacy. Its a good story. Its even a fair story. I already said I like the picture the DNT used of me. But on thinking about it I’m a little disappointed. Brady has taken the editorial department’s evaluation with me and run with it. I think he’s done it without giving one particular adjective much thought by calling me a “provocateur”.

The word is used like “saboteur” meaning someone who purposely destroys something like putting dynamite on train tracks carrying German troops to Vichy France or setting explosives under a bridge. A provocateur however, incites passions or maybe simply calls attention to something. Were America’s founding father’s provocateurs? You’re damned right they were. Was that bad? Is a President calling the nation’s governors “jerks” for not brutally suppressing peaceful marchers a provocateur? You’re damned right he is. What might the DNT editors say about him? Has the Tribune ever called this spade a spade? Before he was ever elected he flew around the nation in his billionaire’s jet lying through his teeth in front of adoring racist crowds claiming that President Obama was a foreigner. Why did the News Tribune, or its owners, fail to warn their vast Eighth District readership that under no circumstances should they vote for that kind of a provocateur?

Half the reason the Editors like to call me a provocateur is because, like Trump, I have no fear of calling them out for being slipshod……ONLY I NEVER CALL THEM OR THE NEWS BUSINESS “FAKE NEWS.” I think I hurt their feelings. But Donald Trump does all the time quite incorrectly. He points fingers at reporters at his rallies and calls them tools of misinformation. Unlike me Trump is evidently the Trib editors kind of guy.

If the damned editors of the Duluth News Tribune had a dangerous provocateur in Duluth they should do a better job exposing him, ME, for my provocations. Hell, I’ve put fifteen or twenty million opinionated words into my blog that everyone in the city with Internet access could have called me on for the past fourteen years. My excesses are so few that only rarely have my critics quoted me. For instance, when the Red Plan was adopted and paid for by firing teachers I said that the “gangrene” in Duluth’s western schools would spread to the eastern schools. What I said was provocative but looking at Duluth and its unequal education who can honestly say I was wrong to warn people even if the word “gangrene” was visceral? I meant to be provocative. Until the gangrene made the front pages the Trib turned a blind eye then they killed the provocative messenger.

I remember when I learned what the word “provoke” meant. I was in grade school and my school teacher grandmother would say, when something went wrong like cookies coming out of the oven burned, “I’m so provoked.” Provocation in this sense is being angry. Well, the world just saw four Minneapolis police officers murder a black man over nine excruciating minutes while their hands were casually tucked in their pockets as people in the neighborhood videoed their victim’s last cries of anguish before dying. Then they proceeded to keep a knee on their victim’s neck for another couple of minutes while telling an ambulance that there was no need to rush to the scene. That arrogant, immoral, incompetent, and murderous act has provoked people not just in the U.S. but all over the world to march in frustration with world’s former beacon of hope and progress. No Thanks to the Duluth News Tribune who’s editors failed to warn us of a real provocateur. Last night the man tear gassed peaceful protesters and chased them away from a church with armed troops so that he could grandly walk across Pennsylvania Avenue to wave a Bible in front of news cameras.

What were my provocations? I complained loudly and often that a half-billion dollar building program for the Duluth Schools should have been given to voters to decide in a referendum just like every other City in Minnesota. For five or six years I kept pointing out flaws in the design and the ignorance and arrogance of the School Board and a fortune 500 company that hid public information from the public about what was going on. Then I sided with a colleague, an admittedly quarrelsome colleague, who was almost railroaded off of the School Board for false accusations of racism, abuse of power and self dealing when his real offense was asking questions and making a stink when he was ignored.

And now I guess I’m being a “provocateur” by pointing out that a conspiracy of political operatives sucking in vast sums of untraceable money from a gaggle of billionaire proto-fascists has driven moderates like me out a political party my family has been affiliated with for four generations. That makes me a “RINO” in the eyes of these former Dixiecrats who put their stamp on the party that Ronald Reagan called on to be a “Big Tent.” Yes! I am being provocative. In the Bible it was called telling the truth or, as it says in John 8:31-31-32, “the Truth shall set you free.” That’s a line from the Bible that our Fake-News-decrying-President has never read.

Brady, I just hope your editors peek into the good book and notice this Presidential ignorance. There is another line all Trump News provocateurs ought to keep in mind before they go completely digital: “pride goeth before the fall.” That’s paraphrased from Proverbs. And by the way, I still get the print version of the DNT delivered to my door. I’ll miss its daily delivery.

And since I’m now officially in a race for Congress let me ask the incumbent the following related question:
Pete Stauber. What do you think of Minneapolis Police Union President and Trump confidante Lt. Bob Kroll?

Probably the best photo the Trib ever took of me

And the story to go with it:

I decided to avoid the tomorrow’s last day to file rush. I wrote up the previous post, contributed $50.00 to George Conway’s Lincoln Project. It was the least I could do after the group’s confederate flag ad and then I took my first drive out of town for the last two months.

The State Capital has been cleaned up and it was beautiful under the blue and white sky. It was guarded at all entrances by the National Guard.

I arrived a little after noon and found a short line of candidates ahead of me. One fellow who had just signed the short candidate filing papers was without a mask. He looked at me behind the cotton mask Claudia gave me and told me that it was only good for making me feel good about myself. I was more amused than irritated. I asked him if he was a Republican. He said he was with the Veterans Party because it was time to abandon the big two. He explained all about his ten years in emergency management or something like that. It was the reason he knew only realy N-95 masks were useful…….He didn’t explain why he wasn’t wearing one but he told me that Governor Walz was violating the Constitution by making people wear them. One thing I’ve learned in life is that new third parties attract Know-it-alls just like the regular parties.

And then I handed in my filing paper. I’m on the ballot again. A little after I got home I found a text from the DNT’s Brady Slater. He wanted to give me a call for a story. The story is fine, despite the tired but accurate description of me as a perennial candidate. We had a cordial conversation and I discovered he spoke French. I recommended the French television series Le Petite Murtres P Agata Christie. I told him its very funny. I’ve been encouraging my French Pen pal S to watch it. Despite the subtitles I think most English speaking people would find it amusing. I particularly recommend the second ensemble of actors with the red head on the motorcycle and the Secretary that’s a dead ringer for Marilyn Monroe. The latter’s name in Elodie Frenk and she is a stictch.

Positive signs, a little snow, and filing for Congress

While President Trump plays Dick Cheney and hides in the Presidential bunkers some of the men in blue around the country who are dealing with the fallout from his braggadocio are pulling Colin Kaepernick’s and taking a knee instead of pressing it on justice.

The President was as quick as me to lay the blame for the anonymous fire bombing. He laid the blame on Antifa (antifascista) a loosely organized group intended to fight fascist groups that cheer the President on and bring their own mayhem around the country. I blamed people who wanted to start a race war. Call them the Helter Skelter crowd. We are both surely being overly simplistic. A mob has its own synergy and many if not most peaceful protests bring out people who are simply gratified by chaos.

I’ve been doing some writing about the Vietnam peace protests in Mankato when I was attending the college there. I stayed far away from the takeover of Highway 169 in the Spring of 1972 which led to bottle throwing at the police and some use of tear gas. In France the mobs lopped off heads much to the discomfort of retired American revolutionaries. Angry crowds have a hard time policing themselves so the police must do it. When the Mankato peace marchers headed to the Highway I vividly remember seeing an old nemisis of mine who didn’t go to college heading in that direction in a state of some intoxication. I mentioned him in an old column of mine twenty years ago. He was the rat taking great pleasure in aiming his kicks at my gonads while I was locked in combat with Wayne…….Wayne turns out to be the hero of this story.

I have been impressed with the Duluth police and I’m not surprised. Anyone knowing the history of Duluth and the origins of our City’s greatest shame will understand the lengths to which Chief Tusken is inclined to go toward decency. That inclination is doubled in what has become Denfeld High School which has the highest minority student population. It’s new principal is the Chief’s brother.

I’ve just called the Secretary of State’s office in St. Paul to make sure I have everything I need to file for Congress today. Claudia didn’t realize I’d be required to go there and is suffering a little anxiety because of all the news about the late night riots. It will be my fourth trip down to file for Congress and my second time to file as a Republican. For any elective office covering over two Minnesota counties this is the only place to file. I asked the fellow who answered the phone about the Covid-19 protocols. It will be just like going to Mt. Royal Supermarket. I’ll take the mask that Claudia hand sewed with me. I also asked about riots. He assured me that everything is calm. Then I joked with him about whether President Trump might get his way and cancel the elections all together after all the crisis he’s helped foment and heap fuel on. The staff member seemed a little puzzled at any serious thought of a postponement of our elections. I hope he’s not underestimating the work of our troll under the White House.

By the way. This post will serve as my Press Release. I should add, if I haven’t been clear, that this election is about the fitness in office of President Trump and any of our representatives who are too timid to challenge the mayhem our President has caused the United States. I’m filing as a Republican in a last ditch effort to prevent the forces of darkness from snuffing out the last vestiges of the Republican Party’s founder Abraham Lincoln. I hope its not too late. For my part, I was far ahead of George Conway and the Lincoln Project (but they have better commercials).

My efforts to alert America to the danger of Donald Trump began in 2016. five years ago at the prospect of having an uninformed egoist and demagogue sweep away the passel of nothing-burger presidential wannabes of today’s Republican Party. Here’s my first contribution to that message in snow which I later turned into a “trading card”:

The Charlie Manson wing of the Trumplican Party

The ghost of Charlie Manson, “Helter Skelter,” has come to haunt Minnesota courtesy of Donald Trump. These are some of the “good people” from Charlotsburg who chanted that they would not be replaced by Jews and who ran over a woman protesting their Storm Trooper like tiki torch bearing. They have a close affinity with Dylann Roof who massacred 9 members of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina.

Helter Skelter, the wild Beatles’ song was the name Charlie Manson called his project to start a race war in America by slaughtering an actress and her unborn child. Manson’s torch is carried by the Trump sanctioned provocateurs who are torching Minneapolis and St. Paul to cast blame on the furious innocents who have been protesting the murder of George Floyd. I heard the press conference with Minnesota Governor Walz and here’s a pretty reputable news source to tell about it.

Every Person Arrested In Saint Paul Last Night Was From Out Of State, Mayor Says – Forbes


149 words and a decision

I have just decided to smell the roses. I’ll file for the Congress next week but I found what I’ve been looking for. I’ve told Claudia for twenty years that I want to be a writer. Perhaps getting elected to Congress would be like the proverbial car a dog tries to catch but has no clue what to do with it should he succeed. I know just what I’d do but I waited too long to finish a book that would help me get elected. However, my eagerness over the past to weeks to get started writing a book that’s been inside me for several decades has been very rewarding. I’ve decided that writing a book I’ll be proud to have authored is more important to me than cobbling together a protest campaign for Congress.

This month I’ve been slowly picking up speed like an old Atlas rocket. They seemed to hover over the launch pad forever as they inched above the Earth. Two weeks ago everything I’d been doing came together. I’ve already got 65 sales to honor and my buyers have been patient with me. I’m going to send them something I wouldn’t mind putting on a book shelf.

The journal above is what tipped me over to this decision. I’d found so much to work with that haste put a good book out of reach. A proper edit can’t be done in two weeks or even a month. But everyday for the past couple weeks even with a couple hick ups I’ve been pleased with what I have.

This morning I had to rummage through an old box of my mementos to answer a nagging question. It led me to my entire journal from my two week 1962 vacation and my first sight of the Ocean. That’s it up above. Its 149 words counting numbers as well as words.

I’m going to elaborate on that first day because I enjoyed seeing how much I’ve improved as a writer over my 11 year old self sixty-eight years ago. Today I’ve pounded out ten or twenty million words on my keyboard.

The vacation must have been my Dad’s brainchild. He wanted to take his Mother and my Mother’s father along with us for a trip to the East Coast. Dad was a public servant so he only had two weeks vacation time. We would take our car and one of my Grandparent’s cars. I don’t remember whose but my parents would do the lion’s share of the driving.

To make it to the East coast we would have to put a lot of mileage on the cars the first and last days. As we were about to cross the Mississippi River at St. Louis at about noon my Mom and Dad lost track of each other. I think my Mother was behind following Dad and he thought she missed a turn. He doubled back to find her in a seedy part of downtown St. Louis. When she didn’t turn up he had to conclude she had figured out how to continue on. We had no cell phones so we cooled our heels for maybe twenty minutes before Dad had no choice but get back in the car and proceed to the planned lunch stop. That was Vincennes, Indiana. Before we left I think he might have put a call in the police Department to ask if anyone reported getting lost on the freeways. Now we would have to keep our eyes pealed for the other car hoping to catch sight of it in a parking lot by some cafe. We saw it. And that suggests to me that it was our grandfather’s car. Grandfather was riding in the car Mom was driving and I don’t think she would have started the trip out driving her mother-in-laws car. If so, it was his Studebaker a car I would use ten years later for my stint as a Republican campaign operative.

My “journal” says only ….why there it is…”grampas car” It also blames my Mom for getting lost but she is the driver who first proceeded to Indiana and our late lunch.

The journal was my Grandmother Ruth Welty’s idea. I guess she knew that world travelers kept such journals and the teacher in her thought this would be a wonderful thing for me to do. As little as I wrote I would take this to heart and write similar but ever so slightly more expansive ones through high school as my Father took ever more expansive trips to get us to all 49 US states on the North American continent.

I remember far more than I ever recorded. I remember seeing the memorial to George Roger’s Clark as we looked for my Grandfather’s car. I had played him in a PTA play in fifth grade. That’s probably why I remember it.

Well I just had my computer count the words in paragraphs 5,6,7,8,9 and 10. I just took 598 words to describe one anecdote from the first day. That’s better than three times the words I expended on two full weeks of travel. And I didn’t even mention the lunch we had. So here goes:

Both my grandparents were Republicans but having been a teacher and having been thrust into unexpected poverty when her husband Henry Franklin Welty died in 1947 my Grandmother had a very different point of view. When we had finished having lunch my Grandfather, the recently retired Kansas State Auditor, left about 15 or 25 cents for a tip. My Grandmother was distressed by this and when he was almost out of the diner I watcher her as she put more on the table to sooth her conscience. I’m not sure how my Grandfather found about this addition but he told my Mother that her mother-in-law was improvident and that such generosity would lead to her ruin.

Donald Trump the triple threat……just today

The White House is going dark on the economy.

The White House reportedly will not release updated economic projections this summer, an unprecedented move that comes amid a crippling downturn caused by the coronavirus and the measures enacted to … View the article. https://flip.it/09tMP-


The President uses $29 million tax payer bucks to advertise his campaign for reelection.

A postcard mailer that went out to nearly all adult American citizens simply to highlight impeached President Donald Trump’s role in the stimulus check program cost the government $28 million. Trump’s … View the article. https://flip.it/4kf6v7

Meanwhile to prevent mail in ballots and a lower risk of corona virus infection Trump is strangling the postal service that his senior voters depend upon. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/10/us/politics/postal-service-trump-coronavirus.html

I vent for my French penpal over today’s headlines and Donald Trump

This morning as I woke to headlines coming from Minneapolis. My innocent French penpal asked how my book writing was going and then asked about about Donald Trump. This is the question/litany S. sent me:

S writes:

So I read in the French news what is written about the Scarborough affair. Yes Trump accused him not directly to be at the origin of his secretary death.

And I read also:
“This is not the first time that the billionaire has engaged in such outrage: in 2016, during the Republican primaries, he accused the father of his opponent Ted Cruz of being involved in … the death of Kennedy in 1963. He also accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of having played a role in the death of Vince Foster, a White House adviser who committed suicide in 1993. He also expressed doubts about Barack Obama after the death in an accident plane crash of a Hawaii state official in 2013, or the Orlando shooting claimed by ISIS in 2016.

My reply:

About Trump’s mendacity.

I began paying attention to Trump when he used his father’s wealth to carve out more property in New York. He violated open housing laws to keep black residents out of his apartments. He used his wealth to fight the Government in court till he got his hands slapped ( meaning he was barely punished)

Not long after this he began suggesting that our presidents were so stupid that he ought to be President. No one took him seriously back then.

When in the 1990’s a white woman runner (jogger) was attacked and raped in New York’s Central Park it was thought she might have been attacked by a bunch of young black men who had been acting up in the park.

Always eager to be in the news Trump spent $100,000 dollars on ads in NY Papers saying that the 5 young black me arrested afterwards should be hung even though capital punishment had been outlawed in the state. His pressure helped convict them all and they spent a decade behind bars until the real culprit was found. Like every other bit of mischief he’s been behind he never apologized.

He spent months saying that Obama was born in Africa. No apologies for that. He’s spent months making patriotic white America furious over black athletes who took a prayerful pose kneeling during the playing of the national anthem during football games instead of standing up hand over their hearts.

What they were protesting was centuries of black abuse at the hands of police forces that took special care to keep black slaves, later to be citizens, in line.

Today in my state of Minnesota dozens of blocks of our biggest city Minneapolis lie burning after the fifth unarmed black suspect died at the hands of police in the two years. Three policemen stood by while a fourth strangled a black man by putting his knee in his neck to handcuff and arrest him for being uncooperative.

This was watched by dozens of neighbors who begged the police not to continue. The man’s offense. He was suspected of passing a counterfeit 20 dollar bill in a store. Today there have been tens of millions of dollars in property damage because our police all too often act like the mafia when one of them acts viciously. But in the era of cell phones the whole nation can see the excesses on the nightly news so that it’s no longer possible for the police to cover up for each other.

Trump’s reaction is to claim that in addition to his presidential immunity from prosecution from criminal offenses he has a right to lie on Twitter. He is astonished that social media now tells people when he lies. They have no right to do that! It violates his 1st amendment rights which as President are godlike. He is, of course, investigating Twitter to stop them from letting people know when he prevaricates.

All this is true and factual and just the smallest sample of Donald Trump’s mendacity.

Not all Americans agree with me that he is vile. Many have adopted the opinion that while he is an SOB at least he is their SOB. That makes it OK. (SOB= son of a bitch)

I started writing in my book early today. I don’t know how long it will take but it’s time I put it all down on paper…..or in the internet.

Questions for Pete Stauber #1

Do you support a President who repeatedly tells his forty million followers on Twitter that Talk Show host Joe Scarborough is a murderer?

Follow up:

Does the Presidency give President Trump more 1st Amendment rights to lie than the rest of the people in America?

Next person who gets a robo call inviting you to one of Pete’s ubiquitous town hall forum phone calls feel free to pose either question to Congressman Stauber. Push the button right away to ask a question because it takes a while for you to pose them to Pete. I waited over an hour and I couldn’t ask my question.

If the past is prologue…..and it surely will be

From Facebook from my nurse anesthisist Sister-in-law which at the bottom has a Snopes truth rating of “mostly true.”

The 1918-1920 flu pandemic came in three major waves. After the first wave in the US, the virus subsided, and Americans were restless to have businesses reopened and for social life to resume. There was a growing movement to stop wearing masks, which had become ubiquitous – so much so that The Anti-Mask League of 1919 was formed. These were protests from those who thought the public health ordinance violated their liberty.

The virus came back with a vengeance in the fall and was much deadlier than the first wave, eventually killing more than 675,000 Americans and killing around 100 million of the 500 million it infected worldwide before it was over. This was before mass vaccination, before the electron microscope; this is the tragedy of herd immunity and stubborn ignorance.

Viruses aren’t political; they don’t care about your theories or speculations or projections. They’re unthinking parasites only wanting to replicate and use your body as a host. Wear a mask.

Here’s more on the Spanish flu pandemic from the History Channel.

Good works today

Claudia and I made 20 sandwiches and I took them over to our church where on Wednesday’s many of us take our food over to the CHUM Drop in center for homeless folks. Before the lock down we would go over and make them breakfast in their tiny kitchen.

Patience helps conversation

The fellow I thanked for identifying him or herself sent me an extended reply instead of short circuiting it with a throwaway line about “creepiness.” I appreciated that. What prompted his/her reply was my thoughtful reaction to personal concerns. It would have been easy for me to dismiss the first couple emails but I know true conversation takes give and take. ***’s last email is below the response it got from me here directly below:

My reply to ***

***, I have a little better take on your thoughts now. Thanks. You referenced education and 9/11 and truth. Too much for me to address. I know everyone makes their own truth and they all differ. Still, I like the New Testament’s advice. The truth will set you free. However, It just may not be your truth…..or mine.
Glad you drive by my sculptures.

Here is what I was replying to from ***:

not a bot, drive by your snow sculptures often (in the right season). also not that tempermental- just very weary of where i let my opinions be known in the age of technology- its all archived somewhere.

your writings lend themselves to your seeming like an educated individual, and it pains me to see educated people being dragged along into this charade. educated people are the last line to hold in a free societies’ downfall into chaos— but the more i see, the less hope i feel for any sort of outcome for average people- educated or not. not without some serious problems before, during, and after whatever comes next.

the truth is worth a lot on some plane- not worth much on ours here in this time / place. simply stated, more people need to share in truth- and whats so great about it- and i did not pick up that vibe from your article.

as i told a co worker a few weeks ago- i appreciate an open mind in a time when most seem to have their minds made up.

but if you dont have your head around 9/11 by now then this conversation won’t go very far.

be well and enjoy the blooms around ya


Grant stayed calm and improvised through the battle. Me too.

Last night we watched the first of the three part History Channel series on Ulysses S. Grant. Its good because Historian Ron Chernow was a principal advisor. I was given his fat book on Grant but I read another very favorable reassessment of Grant a few years back. Chernow is adding his considerable voice to the reappraisal. Tonight I watched the second half. Hearing and or reading a story from different vantage points helps fix facts in one’s mind.

This morning we had visitors inside our house for the first time in two months. My brother and sister in law and their daughter stopped by fully masked and we talked though masks for almost two hours. It was much fun. My sister in law is a nurse anesthetist and she doesn’t mess around with stupidity. Of course I had to give them grief about happy heedless Show me staters more crowded in a pool than I would put up with even without corno virus stalking the elderly family members of these Trump cheerleaders. Lake of the Ozarks will speed Missouri to the next big thing…..hospitals turning away the dying.

In the news this Politico story gave me shivers. An economist who predicts a quick semi economic rebound after the next surge says Democrats could get the shock of their life. Even now more voters say they think Trump’s pixie dust makes him a much better person to handle the economy than Joe Biden. Yeah just like Trump’s pixie dust did for his Taj Mahal casino.

Confession time. Late Friday night I accidentally erased a significant chapter from my book and that put me in a tailspin over the weekend. It came at a time when I realized I needed to alter the books organization. I put in three days sorting materials and tomorrow I anticipate I’ll be back to knocking out 5000 or more words a day. Its a short term set back but a long term boon.

and finally, the fellow who told me my family should go let Joe Biden put his hands all over them to find out how creepy the Vice President was wrote me back to say what I sent him was creepy. What did I write to him? This: “I thank you for not being anonymous.”

He Wrote:

“what a creepy reply.. are you collecting data or something?”

I replied: Continue reading

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