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Honesty, Diplomacy, Civility (a late night id discourse)

Duluth has an active arm of the civility police out on the prowl hectoring opinionated folks about who and how they hector. My old parent volunteer colleague, Anita Stech, from my Chester Park PTA days is one of their champions. Anita’s daughters and my children were part of the same cohort. By the time I made it onto the School Board Anita was an advocate for creating women’s hockey in the Duluth Schools and treating it with something approaching parity to boy’s hockey. So, Anita knows something about effective advocacy. Go Hounds!

I think I know what prompted the Civility project in Duluth. It was a general sense that talk radio politics, a la Rush Limbaugh, had taken a mean spirited grip on our public spaces and more particularly that local debates especially the one over the Red Plan locally mirrored that grumpy ethic. As a leading critic of the Red Plan, and specifically how it was implemented without a vote, I can’t throw myself completely at the mercy of the civility police’s arguments. Continue reading