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Taking a pin to my pompous balloon

Yeah, this email reaction to my white lie post from a sympathizer just about sums it up:

“Harry, except for talking too much, you are a real asset to our community.”

My Buddy was a little less charitable offering me an alternative adage:

“Bullshit might make the grass grow green, but . . .”

He refrains from completing his proffered quote but I imagine that it would conclude something like this: … too much will kill the grass.

My Buddy gets great satisfaction from his disgust of bullshit. I rather admire him for that.

Meanwhile yet another ally heading off to the DFL convention today to choose between Sharla Gardner and Rep. Simonson for the State Senate endorsement sent me a very interesting Q & A. It was with the Author of the book What’s the Matter with Kansas which skewered Republicans. He’s got a new book out now skewering Democrats.

Maybe my real quarrel is with all the college-educated folks who insisted that spending half a billion bucks on new schools would lead to nirvana. Of course, at the time, all I could think of was the children’s fable about the Emperor’s new clothes. I’m sure the King’s courtiers and counselors all went to Ivy League schools and were pained to hear that only dolts could not see the King’s regal new attire.

BTW. I had great fun yesterday reading Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax to kindergartners through 2nd graders at Lakewood Elementary for Earth Day. It taught me that there are some things we really don’t thneed.


In researching think tanks I noted that the PEW research center wasn’t on one list. I wanted to know if it counted as a partisan tank and opened up their web page where I saw a twelve question test to see whether one was a democrat or a republican. According to the test I was a very liberal Democrat. Ick! It was a very cursory examination but in today’s environment probably correct.

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This is one of the Reasons the RINOs were hounded out of the GOP

To prevent them, our Senator David Durenberger and a host of others included, from introducing a law like the one President Obama got passed.

They will pass laws forcing a woman to have a trans-vaginal ultrasound scan but they’ll let her child die without insurance after it is born. I guess that’s their idea of God’s will.

Who’s Wagging the Dog

Electoral Wasteland – Where the most unreasonable hair at the tip of the tail can wag the GOP dog:

So far, three million voters have participated in the Republican races, less than the population of Connecticut. This means that 89 percent of all registered voters in those states [that have held caucuses or primaries] have not participated in what is, from a horse-race perspective, a very tight contest. Yes, we know Republicans don’t like their choices; it’s a meh primary. But still, in some states, this election could be happening in a ghost town. Less than 1 percent of registered voters turned out for Maine’s caucus. In Nevada, where Republican turnout was down 25 percent from 2008, only 3 percent of total registered voters participated. This is not majority rule by any measure; it barely qualifies as participatory democracy.

The same hair on the Democratic dog doesn’t have nearly that power.

Pt.2- Obama is the worst Democrat ever…

…but the Republican Party today is even worse:

Apropos the last post on Jason Johnson’s angry unhappiness about voting for Obama is this assessment of the advantage Republicans have over Democrats:

“…the Democratic party is perhaps best characterized as a coalition between ideological liberals and moderates in which ideological liberals often have to restrain their impulses. The Republican party, in contrast, is far more conservative-heavy, and far less inclined to allow self-conscious moderates in the party, a small and arguably shrinking minority, to hold sway.”

From the same paragraph is this stark mathematical reality:

“…groups labeled Staunch Conservatives, Main Street Republicans, and Libertarians — amount to 29 percent of the general public, 35 percent of registered voters, and a large majority of Republican primary voters. Solid Liberals, in contrast, are 14 percent of the general public and 16 percent of registered voters.”

Our man in the minority?

The DFL in Duluth just elected the eminently reasonable Roger Reinert to the State Senate where he may find himself in the minority among tax slaying Republicans. During the primary the DFL had a chance to have someone disinclined to be a milquetoast as their champion. They chose reasonable instead.

Judging by the national poll results today being reasonable didn’t save many Democratic Congressional seats. Its too early at 11:30pm to call either house of the Minnesota legislature.

I’d pass along his phone number for people to call and congratulate Roger but apparently he has an unlisted number. Or perhaps he doesn’t own anything other than a cell phone. Ah, but he’s on Facebook. Maybe you can friend him and write on his wall.

Im Palin

A good not so tongue-in-cheek assessment of the GOP’s porcine lipsticked one.

One blogger I ran across who has been interviewing young GOP activists noted that lots of them know the nonsense their Party elders are spouting is just that, nonsense, but that they prefer it to responsible but unpopular and politically incorrect rational management of the US in the wake of the near melt down of the world’s economy. Heck, they can even cheer on economic collapse in hopes of picking up all the pieces afterward. They might not get the chance. A lot of the worlds most evil leaders swept aside their milquetoasty opponents during various crisis and instituted horrendous regimes.

Sensible “conservative” American leaders have been afraid of the mob ever since the French Revolution. Today’s GOP “conservatives” are rooting for the mob from the sidelines.

Health Reform – taking on all comers

I’m glad Obamacare has passed. Its hideous, of course, but it reminds me of Churchill’s comment about democracy: That its the worst possible form of government except for all the others. Ultimately I support it because, as one analyst noted, health care is a much smaller percent of the national spending in all the European free market economies where it has been imposed as part of their socialistic welfare systems.

Many of its best features have been incorporated into the final bill in an effort to address some of the Republican Party’s most virulent criticism. Many of its worst flaws were incorporated into the final bill in an effort to blunt some of the Republican Party’s most virulent criticism. Otherwise the Republican Party stood on the sidelines while the bill was passed in the House of Representatives last night. It remains to be seen whether their efforts in the Senate will be of any more consequence. Continue reading

Two of many reasons I root for Obama


His plans to regulate and limit “predatory lending.” The focus of this column, also from Newsweek, is the banks two of which lent my Alzheimers ridden Mother who had no need of money, $365,000 for her home which only needed 15 years to pay off the remaining $56,000 of her original home loan.

The last two years have been ugly.

It wasn’t home loans however that got my (scotch) Irish up. It was the great financial innovations of the Bible thumping South, payday loans and title loans. It has always been a bit of a surprise to me that the once Protestant dominated GOP who once took a disapproving old testament view of “usuary” would throw themselves prostrate at these parasites. The links above explain that title loans can charge up to 300% annually for a loan while some Title Loans could charge up to 760% for a loan. When you can clear up to $7.60 on a one dollar loan to a poor person you’ll find it easy to turn some of the profits into political contributions.


Obama, like G W Bush before him, wants accountability in Public Education even at the risk of alienating one of his most important allies in the Democratic Party’s coalition, teacher’s unions. I’d like to see a major Republican stand up to some of the Party’s more repellent constituencies or cheerleaders. I’ve been waiting for that for thirty years.

Paying attention to the new Chairman

Right after his reelection I got far more google alerts about breaking news on Jim Oberstar than before. That’s because he was likely to become and is now the new Chairman of the House transoportation committee.

There is also little doubt that he will excercise his clout and do it far differently than Dan Young the Republican who previously chaired this committee. Oberstar is definitely one of the most knowledgable Congressmen on all the transportation issues and that’s what the jump in news stories about him demonstrated.

I’ve been so busy researching the 1974 campaign that got Jim elected that I haven’t taken time to keep this blog up-to-date. But the story in today’s Minneapolis paper couldn’t have happened if the story I’m working on hadn’t happened first.

A nuanced critique of Nancy

The GOP portayed Nancy Pelosi cartoonishly as a “San Francisco Liberal.” It wasn’t a very nuanced description. This political reporter doesn’t much care for her but at least he reports what he saw of her as she rose to power in the Democratic House caucus eight years ago. It suggests to me that her ego might interfere with Democratic hopes.

I should note that Jim Oberstar supported Steny Hoyer for the whip position over Jack Murtha who was Pelosi’s candidate for the Democrat’s whip. According to the article, Pelosi keeps grudges and was angry that once Hoyer challenged her for the assistant minority leader’s position. Perhaps Oberstar and the other Hoyer supporters who chose Hoyer over Murtha are keen to keep Pelosi on something of a leash.