While Trump tries to renew his greatest hit “birtherism” on Kamala Harris…

I have a few thoughts:

Donald Trump is in a panicked attempt to save himself from defeat by any means necessary. He has a number of barely qualified toadies like his new post master dismantling the Post Office and an Attorney General putting his finger on the scales of Justice and Trump justices OKing last minute attempts to protect Republican vote manipulation. I understand. The President has never operated as anything other than a crime lord and now he faces the uncertainty of a post presidency with a half-a-dozen investigations into his presidential and business activities.

He began flexing his muscles after cowing the Republican Senate into hushing up evidence that warranted his removal by shucking off all his underlings who were not his sworn lackeys. But God stepped in to prevent him from a reelection that would give him the chance to become America’s Lukshenko. God gave the World the corona-virus to show any American not too invested in the Trump cult that there was only one American that Donald Trump cared about – Donald Trump.

I have always been open to the suggestion by the voters of 2016 that America needed to be woken up from broken politics. Unlike most of them I saw Donald Trump as an Aaron Burr, Huie Long, Joe McCarthy threat to the ideals of the Founding Fathers. But if we can have an honest election and make it impossible for Trump to Lukashenko himself back for another four years it just may be that democracy and common sense and idealism will prevail and good things will happen. We will have paid a terrible price for having elected Trump but maybe we needed a slap in the face.

I am a constant reader of history and I was impressed with the following Politico article: ‘The President Was Not Encouraging’: What Obama Really Thought About Biden

It explains the “why” of Obama’s gentle nudge of Hillary over Joe in 2016. It even explains that Obama was at best only mildly enthusiastic about Joe up to now. Joe is an old fashioned “retail politician” very much like Minnesota’s Hubert Humphrey. He is an antidote to both the technocratic Obama (who is the classiest President we have had in my lifetime) and the slothful, soulless, burning paper bag-full of human poop currently in the Oval Office. WARNING: Don’t answer the door bell or take a fire extinguisher with you and whatever you do don’t step on it!

I have always meant to write a laudatory evaluation of Hillary but never got around to it. She had one liability. She married a lady’s man and she got too used to looking the other way. I’m still waiting for the Epstein shoe to drop but if and when it does it will also fall on Donald Trump. And Yeah, she bad mouthed cookie baking too.

He was written off for dead in 2016 but surprise. Now its Joe Biden’s time. America needs a shot of human decency. The world needs it too.

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