Countdown days 69 – 2 D Day emails

I like answering questions by email because they make me frame my answers to address other people’s inquiries. Here are two today about my campaign:

From my old high school friend:

Book etc
Today at 02:13 AM
Hello Harry,
Please send me a copy of your book. Remind me of your address and my check will be in the mail el prompto. I saw your phrase “worst nightmare of the worst nightmare” and thought of an image I had recently. Intense and scary. After watching MSNBC Morning Joe, I went out to get the newspaper across my county road and I suddenly thought, if Trump wins this election I will plop down in the middle of this highway and scream until I get rescued or run over. I could picture that. Such a strong image that it brought to mind the burning Buddhist monk in Vietnam. I looked up the word immolate when I got in the house. By then the image had calmed down in my brain. (Everyone in my immediate family already has serious mental health issues ranging from dementia to Schizophrenia to substance abuse, so I do need to stay stable) I do need to stay alive to make sense during this horrific turn in American history. It feels embarrassing. I feel like I have to apologize to my Norwegian cousins on FaceBook who are aghast at our national politics.
Where do these T supporters get their information, FOX of course, but are they all just stupid, or have the slightly smarter ones convinced themselves that T can’t really do what he threatens to do with his “retribution”. Are they convinced that the Dems are pushing for sex transition surgeries on kids and killing viable babies? Or gonna take our gas cars and guns away? Fear mongering! Knock knock you dummies, what about climate change, something truly really scary!!
So thanks for running against Stauber, yet another Retrumplican who can’t do what is morally right. Not enough Liz Cheneys or Adam K or Mitt R….
I fell asleep during the Twins game, woke up, full of words, and now almost ready for sleep again. Thanks for fighting Harry! Someone’s gotta do it. All this support for a malignant, narcissistic, big crybaby victim man, it’s all so hideous, I can’t believe it.
Meanwhile I am grateful for my strawberries that will soon turn red and for my fun students and musical colleagues. And I loved singing with Steve in the Alzheimer’s choir this spring. So I’ll be ok Harry. I’m just so very disappointed in my wonderful country, and fearful for the future.

My Reply to P:

I know exactly how you feel. Your unquiet brain is an echo of mine. I have a couple options for you. But first this.

80+ Glen Taylor was my Sunday school teacher and n 1990 when I was a long suffering liberal Republican I wrote him a letter encouraging him to run for governor. He wrote me a nice reply. I just copied the letter and mailed it with my book to Roe Crest Dr. In N Mankato. Fingers crossed for lightning in a bottle

Duluth is only a third of the rural, red third of Minnesota which is the 8th District. I have been putting up lawnsigns here for 5 days. My name is very well known here and anyone who has lived in Duluth for 5 years knows exactly where I live. Google my name with snow sculpture and you will see why. Older people here all know about my local politicking. But they also question how seriously they should take an old fart who is always crying wolf.

BUT my mere 50 signs with my huge face on them are creating a buzz I feel as I go door to door asking to put up more. People are frazzled by our politics and want to talk to me. I am one man not a political organization. I am trying to bypass those billionaire financed party machines by becoming a viral sensation. My homely little collection of stories that touch on politics is dangerously close to “a snooze” but the passion in my TMI storytelling might just catch fire in a grove of drought stricken Sequoia trees desperate for honest to God water.

So. I could mail you one of the first 500 books I had printed or…
You could order a book printed by Amazon which would cost you about the same and tell me how that works because I don’t know of anyone who has done that yet or…
You could download it instantly on Kindle for 5.99 WITH TAX as an Ebook.

If you do that you could go to a donation button on my campaign website and help my campaign.

Welty Press is me and all profits go to me and I plan to spend anything I make (if anything) up to $150,000 to my campaign. I will earn about $4 on a kindle sale. Times 10,000 sales (if sold well before the August 13 primary) I just might win it. So far I’ve sold 1 to my French pen pal and 1 to a political ally. Only 9,998 to go.

If you can find anything nice to say about my book on the Amazon website it could be the beginning of my viral campaign.



And the first email sent to me from my campaign webpage:

Email subject
Wear Orange Event – Duluth MN

Harry, Hello, welcome to the race against Stauber. We need you! We are very tired of Stauber and his love of Trump, We invited him to our Wear Orange event on Friday to end gun violence and he told us he refused to come because he believes in the 2nd amendment. We believe in ending gun violence and are tired of politicians who put guns before lives. Please join us on Friday at 6 pm at the Lift Bridge. This is a non-political event but it’s important to us to have many supporters from all walks of life. Can you join us? Please contact me if you have any questions. K. Moms Demand Action btw- I love your snow sculptures!

My reply to K:


I would love to join you all at the lift bridge but my wife and I are taking our grandson to Cicadapalooza in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, an hour before you meet. Its my last weekend away until I face Stauber in the Aug 13 primary.

Let others know I am very impatient with the gun lobby and angry at how fearful politicians are of it. I am raising campaign money with a book of columns I’ve written for the Duluth Reader. It includes this column:

Give my best to everyone.


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