I’m listening to a recording of yellow eyed penguins…

…and I’m listening whilst drinking a fine pinot noir by the shores of a glacial lake while folding laundry. Sorry, but the Internet has been balky and I’ve been enjoying myself immensely below the equator. I did read that the Duluth Schools are tanking when I looked at the DNT website yesterday. Geez, Do I have to come back?

Tomorrow I take a day tour of a NZ fjord. Two more days and I’m off to hunt Tasmanian tigers.

This is why I’ve been lucky not to read NMn news for 2 weeks

Got this in an email. I hate that I read it. It’s much nicer in NZ even with the earthquakes:

When everybody in our region understands that we have been let down, not by each other, but by a corporation that couldn’t care less about the truth or the future of our communities, then we can begin to put aside our differences and pressure the school board to demand some accountability.

JCI officials need to answer for their misstatements and broken promises. They need to compensate our school district, our communities, our families and our kids for the damage they have caused through their reckless actions. We should demand a real educational improvement plan, one that uses creativity rather than the recycling of outdated notions that have been long abandoned by most school districts. And we should demand that JCI pay for it.