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“Committee-of-one run by Harry Welty his own darned self”

I completely forgot that I ordered some ads in the Duluth Reader a couple weeks ago. So, when I sought out a stack of this week’s issue to thumb through, I was surprised and delighted to see one of them on page 49.

I’ve gotta tell you. Five long hot days removing storms, scraping old paint, repainting putting up new storms one after the other under an intense sun on heavy to hoist scaffolding left me exhausted even though we finished our Summer’s goal well before noon today. Not only was I tired but I was bummed because my French streak had been lost. It took great effort today to start a new streak again. And four unread News Tribunes awaited me and more fascinating but unread NY Times stories than you can shake a stick at. I was like the butcher who sat on the meat grinder – behind in my work. I was at low ebb……..

…….until page 49!

Now I’m raring to start writing again. I’m not completely off the good deed hook. I will be serving at the Damiano Soup Kitchen tomorrow but I will also get our refrigerator out of my dining room. New kitchen appliances are coming tomorrow and we will have a real kitchen again for the first time in two months. And who knows. with this ad in the Reader maybe someone other than my loyal brother will make an online purchase of my in process book. I hope so. Now I’ve got to pay for Reader ads too………… hopefully not “by my own darned self.”

And check out too while you are at it.

“Illegal Actions”

My wife read today’s banner headline story about the Principal of Denfeld being placed on “Administrative Leave.”

She wondered why Ms. Sconiers was only placed on Administrative Leave six weeks after she hired an attorney to “investigate” illegal actions by the District. Goodness Gracious! That sounded pretty suspicious on the District’s part. Payback maybe????? Then, when I went to replace storm windows at church an hour later one of the crew wondered the very same thing.

Well, writing as the KING of investigating suspicious things about our School District I’m not overawed that a school principal under fire would want to be the first to fire a shot over the opposition’s bow. That’s what her claim of investigating the District is. Its served its purpose well by thowing suspicion on the District………a District which I must admit has been infamous for bad decision making.

While the public sits back waiting for another shoe to drop I’ll confess that I’ve heard rumors going back not six weeks but more like 12 weeks that the Denfeld Principal had flown a little too close to the sun with wax wings. Whatever the concerns have been, Ms. Sconiors has certainly turned the tables trust-wise on the Superintendent and his supportive School Board.

I’ve been in that position myself as a school board member. I just ran across an old letter I saved from the Tribune’s columnist on high-minded platitudes, Tom Wheeler. (I’m still awaiting any comment from him about the current President of the United States.) Back in 2003 Mr. Wheeler’s wrote me asking pointed questions about why a paragon of hockey virtue should be relieved of his coaching duties. Coincidentally, that subject will be a chapter in the book I’m offering for sale to finance my campaign for the School Board.

There will likely be a chapter on race relations as well. And it’s a chapter that keeps getting bigger and bigger. See the previous post to purchase a book.

Shoot self in foot Syndrome – DFL Style

Next year Joe Radinovich should be poised to replace Congressman Pete Stauber. Instead the big shot DFLer’s on the Iron Range shot him in the foot in their eagerness to give him a glorious sinecure until the campaign rolled around. They killed their best candidate to remove a Trumplican from Congress. Today the DNT reported that Joe has decided not to be the DFL candidate.

I suppose its too early to give up on the Democrats. Donald Trump is making hash of America and its values with the middle fingers he’s planted around the White House. I haven’t mentioned my inclination to challenge Pete Stauber in the GOP primary for a couple months but its on my mind. If I successfully sell my book about my experiences with Public Education I’ll have even more time to write a book to finance a Congressional Campaign on my experiences with the Republican Party shooting America in the head. Thank you Wayne Lapierre.

But first I have a school board campaign to win. To be clear. I expect to finish my four year-term on the school board. But if a lot of Democrats had just one candidate running against Pete Stauber in 2020 and they wanted to vote for an old fashioned Eisenhower or Teddy Roosevelt or Abe Lincoln Republican instead of a supporter of the gold leaf covered turd currently rewriting the Constitution I’d be happy to take those votes.

BTW – If you want to help my with my school board race I’ve made progress on my book. Feel free to put in an order for it. I’ve sold almost one forth of what I need to pay for the printing costs. A little help?

Just fifteen dollars although I’d appreciate it if you added a bit more so I could also pay for new lawn signs and mailing costs.

I am feeling a little peevish…

… about the Teacher’s Union right now. Let me tell you why.

Its not because after an extensive several hour grilling they didn’t endorse me. I didn’t expect one. I had a lovely time talking to them. I met with six groups of two to three teachers and at each stop I loved explaining my ideas to them in very engaging conversations. The last of them was with a couple of fellows who had to ask me why I wanted to DFT (Duluth Federation of Teachers) endorsement. I told them I’d never gotten it before, didn’t expect it this time, but that I’d love to have it as it would signal that teachers were willing to bury the hatchet somewhere else than in my head.

I did think that would be a wonderful message. But I know I’ve taken stands they didn’t like. I’ve been a tough contract negotiator. I’ve taken on two former DFT Presidents. So, of course they preferred a Second District school board member who would represent teachers rather than management. That’s David Kirby not me.

I haven’t asked Loren Martell if he got the endorsement because facing a very nice retired Duluth teacher he wouldn’t get it either. Especially after Loren keeps pointing an accusing finger at an equally Labor oriented School Administration. The DFT also got Jill Lofald elected two years ago and four years before that they elected teacher-friendly “management” in Bill Westholm and Mike Miernicki.

I understand this. I don’t bear any grudges. I’ve gotten elected three times to the School Board without Union endorsement. Its not necessary. I don’t even think the majority of teachers will feel compelled to vote for David Kirby because he got their union’s endorsement. Hell, whether David or I are elected the teachers will still have the same pot of money to draw their future salaries from. David can’t raise any more than I can. In fact, I’d argue I’d be much better for them because if anybody has the credibility as being fiscally trustworthy and believable when advocating for additional levy spending its me not David. I hope to talk our voters into giving our district more money to protect the massive investment in new buildings that Keith Dixon and his besties on the school board forced down Duluth’s throats. At most, David Kirby and the other Union submissive school board members will only jointly write a column encouraging voters to pass new levy referendums in a Duluth News Tribune that fewer and fewer voters subscribe to.

As for me? I’m a one-person, pro levy juggernaut. I’ve helped pass other levies before.

I might be expected to be frustrated that the DFT is blind but I’m used to human blindness. It’s a failing not a sin.
But what I am exceedingly disgusted with is Continue reading

Harry’s Diary 7-25-19

The non political first:

Its so nice out I decided to take my computer to our sundeck to fuss around with my campaign. This is the first time in a decade that an eggplant has grown on our deck despite many failed attempts. We’re getting some tomatoes too. Its been warm and our potted plants wilt very quickly unless they are watered daily. I’ve been by myself all week as Claudia is in Iowa with our grandsons at a church camp. I dasn’t let the plants die in her absence.

I haven’t been as consistent washing the dishes. I try to avoid eating much because our Kitchen remodeling is on hiatus with the long planned vacation by our contractor. He raced to get everything lined up before he left but a three day hunt for a broken electrical wire necessitated the removal of most of the cabinets he had just installed. We have a sink and appliances now but they are all in our garage. Claudia has been washing the dishes in the bathtub but when I got around to them there were too many for my taste. I Took them to the basement this morning and washed them in the washing machine’s tub. It will be well into August before we are back to normal.

In 2006 when I visited Springfield, MO and the new Abraham lincoln Museum I found this t-shirt. Continue reading

The Foreword to Harry’s proposed book on his experiences with Education

My long quest for public office probably began in my first week of second grade in Topeka, Kansas’s newly integrated schools. Sent to the playground I climbed to the top of the jungle gym where I saw the black children from the segregated Buchanan Elementary School led into my school Loman Hill.

Yesterday I was the last of 25 candidates for local office in Duluth to give a speech to the 710 Club. This, is what said in my 3 allotted minutes. (You can listen to the speech in the preceding post)

“I have lived in Duluth for forty-five years. Or as I tell newcomers, I’m still a new kid too, here in Duluth because of that spider web that Alanna just talked about. School here. But I did come up here to teach and teaching and children is a major focus of my life. I’ve been on the school board, off and on, for twelve years. I got bumped off two years ago I’m, I’m not finished. I’m ready to go back again.

“One of your Mayoral candidates was up here and mentioned a horrific number that I’ve heard before. 246 of our 8000 children are homeless. I grew up in the Baby Boom. We didn’t have homeless kids in Topeka, Kansas, when I went to school. But we do now. And those sorts of children need people because that’s what a school is. It’s a People business. You have teachers and counselors who are looking out for the interest of these children.

“But our school board about ten years ago took a great leap of faith and they decided that buildings were particularly important. You heard Mr. Martell, my dear friend, who keeps track of the School Board and our finances, talk about that. But when I was first on the School Board about twenty years ago, we were taking about 20 million of the local levy and it was going into the classroom. Today its ten million. The other thirty million goes to pay off our wonderful new schools. But ten million dollars every year – that’s a hundred teachers, that we don’t have to deal with our homeless children, our children out west and the increasingly segregated school system out there. And it’s a terrible, terrible, change for this District that was doing quite well when I was on the School Board for the first time.

“Sigh. It’s not going to be easy to solve. You can imagine how a school board is going to want to have the public help it out but they didn’t give, they didn’t give us a choice when they decided to impose the Red Plan that diverted twenty million dollars (correction), or ten million dollars from the classrooms to buildings. Anytime I have a chance to uh, to come to you for money its going to be asking you to vote for it. I don’t want to impose it. You can imagine how much we need it with ten million being taken out every year until the Red Plan is paid off. My priority will continue to be those 246 homeless kids and all the other kids that need teachers.”

I posted this speech on my blog the same night I gave it. It reflects my fear that a war has been declared on public education in America at the very time that the rest of the world discovered how good America had it because of our universal public schools. We may have the biggest GNP for another decade but we won’t keep it without educated workers, voters and citizens.

At about the same time that I began my long stalled political career I began to experiment with writing. Today these two vocations are wedded together from the seed planted in me back in second grade surveying the world from that jungle gym. I have stories to tell.

NOTE: Usually its only presidential candidates who get a biography ghost written to impress people. I’m just a small town school board candidate. I don’t need to “sell” books to raise campaign funds which is how I started this campaign. From now on I’ll simply send a book to anyone who donates at least $15 dollars to my campaign. You can do it online. If you don’t want the book give it to a friend, or an enemy, or use it as a doorstop.

Sad Sack with a beard and a bit about the Superintendent Search

I discovered a sad sack with a beard in Alanna Oswald’s Alanna Oswald for School Board Facebook Page. (Its in the photo section) Its worth noting that even thirty some years ago he recognized that Alanna was too smart for him.

I also noticed that Alanna commented about one of her colleagues on the School Board who seems to think that she is angling to be the new Superintendent going so far as to tell a reporter, apparently in all seriousness, that this was the case. Here’s what Alanna wrote:

I received a message from a reporter today. It seems one of my school board colleague’s informed the reporter that I desired to be the next Superintendent of Duluth Public Schools. I can unequivocally say NO—That is completely untrue! I do not want to be Superintendent of ANY school district, nor am I qualified or licensed to have such a position. #weirdthingsyoudealwithinanelection

Harry Welty wrote in reply:

Heck, I know one of your colleagues who loves to be the Super’s sidekick. If you were Super you too could have a sidekick.

I went to the Superintendent Search Session myself last night. I had a pleasant chat with the presenter from the Minnesota School Board Association, Sandy Gundlach. I got to know her from many gatherings over the recent four years I served on the School Board. I’ve been through one Superintendent Search myself and watched three others from the sidelines so I’m pretty familiar with the drill. Still, it was a good refresher.

The Duluth News Trib’s new education reporter, Adelle Whitefoot, did a creditable job spelling out the process in her story today.

Rosie Loeffler Kemp who shot me a dirty look when I passed a question to Board member Nora Sandstad during the presentation was intent on getting as much media attention as she could. This was despite the fact that she is not a candidate herself this year…….however, her former Campaign Chair, Professor Schwetman, is a school board candidate. At the recent AFL CIO Labor interview the Professor was quick to explain that he had also been Board member David Kirby’s campaign chairman. Cozy little group.

At the start of the meeting Rosie was standing four square in front of a television camera and at the end she parked herself in front of Reporter Whitefoot to make sure she could get her two-cents and name in today’s Tribune. She succeeded. I’m sorry I missed the news on KBJR last night.

Blood letting, bug eating and bludgeoning in general

I’m just back from donating my 13th gallon of blood. Its four draws past one hundred gallons which I celebrated in the Reader last December. Too bad i mowed the lawn yesterday because this would give me an excuse to put if off a day being so empty and all. I chose a bright green bandage and you can see my 13 gallon pin. I don’t know if that’s bad luck or not. It doesn’t seem so. I just deposited five more donations which I think brought me over the $1000 figure which is a third of the way to being able to afford to print my book.

I’m working hard on the book and feeling confident that I will come close to making my self imposed October 24th deadline for having it ready for the printers.

I sent my grandsons off with Claudia and their mother for a five-day family church camp. I forgot to show them that their Venus Fly trap can take care of itself. It’s many little clampers sat empty inside our house but when the warm weather hit I put them out by our garden. four biters are filled two of them with what I think are daddy-long-legs. At least it looks like a bunch of long legs are sticking out of the “mouths” all akimbo.

In the absence of my family I’m hauling posterior to work on my campaign. I’m setting up Welty Press again after a hiatus that has lasted since 1992 when I published a book to sell for my Congressional Race against Jim Oberstar as an independent candidate. This time I do not plan to print 5000 copies but a tenth of that…..unless the sales pick up considerably. I can always print a second edition if there is enough demand. And I’ve got it figured I only need two hundred sales to roughly break even.

I’ve added another five sales to the thermometer. Its a small improvement but every little bit helps.

I’ll keep thinking of lame ways to bludgeon folks into dispensing with $15 (or more) bucks to finance my campaign….like my 8 great reasons to buy the book.

8 Reasons you want to buy Harry’s book

1. You don’t want to buy it! You want to contribute to Harry’s campaign.

2. You wanted to buy his book about the Red Plan but he didn’t write it. This will be the next best thing.

3. You like eccentric snow sculptors and would like to encourage them.

4. You like non traditional politicians and want to encourage them.

5. You like thoughtful, sober, passionate people on the Duluth School Board who have a good grip on reality.

6. Your’e curious as the dickens about what Harry is going to write.

7. You want a conversation piece on your coffee table at your next party.

8. You are in a book club and don’t know any better.

9. Got other motivations. Send Harry an alternative explanation at

NOTE: The book cover above was designed for Harry’s never completed Red Plan Book. A title has yet to be chosen for this book.

Harry Welty Hawks his Book

This is a late night experiment in salesmanship. The video begins with me taping my cell phone to my desk aimed at me in selfie video mode. Its not easy to hear me as I begin:

Yesterday I had over 20,000 pageviews. My actual readership was still a modest sub 800 readers so they were reading something on my blog.

I promise you if you keep coming back to my blog (Ahem, Eight loyal readers) You will enjoy my book. I guess technically your “purchase” is really a donation to the Welty Campaign which will send donors of $15 or more one of my books. Next week I will be all by myself and will bend myself to meet my deadline of Sept 29 to send it to the printers.

Here is the donation button my video mentions:

Out in the Cold

Loren Martell doesn’t read my blog often but he chanced to read about my campaigning a couple days ago and called me up to be certain what he’d read. I mentioned that I’d been invited to talk the Superintendent and screen with the Central Labor Body. Loren was not invited to either. I told Loren that to the best of my recollection Bill Gronseth’s email invite to talk indicated that the Superintendent was inviting all six school board candidates to have a chat. Loren hadn’t gotten his. And the Central Labor Body didn’t either. I hope the former was not intentional. I have to believe the latter was. Loren has spanked the DFL and the Labor Unions repeatedly in his columns. I guess they were not willing to camouflage their automatic refusal to even let him get an interview. Sensitive folks Union people. They didn’t send him an invite to screen in 2017 either.

Give’m Harry

I read the following wonderful summary of Harry Truman on Facebook today. Then I looked at the apparently pro-Trump author’s Facebook Page. He didn’t write it so I searched for the actual author. It seems no one has taken credit for it. The description of the man who was President when I was born accords with everything I’ve previously read although I can’t entirely vouch for its full accuracy.

Harry Truman was a different kind of President. He probably made as many, or more important decisions regarding our nation’s history as any of the other 32 Presidents preceding him. However, a measure of his greatness may rest on what he did after he left the White House.

The only asset he had when he died was the house he lived in, which was in Independence , Missouri . His wife had inherited the house from her mother and father and other than their years in the White House, they lived their entire lives there.

When he retired from office in 1952 his income was a U.S. Army pension reported to have been $13,507.72 a year. Congress, noting that he was paying for his stamps and personally licking them, granted him an ‘allowance’ and later, a retroactive pension of $25,000 per year.

After President Eisenhower was inaugurated, Harry and Bess drove home to Missouri by themselves. There was no Secret Service following them.

When offered corporate positions at large salaries, he declined, stating, “You don’t want me. You want the office of the President, and that doesn’t belong to me.. It belongs to the American people and it’s not for sale.”

Even later, on May 6, 1971, when Congress was preparing to award him the Medal of Honor on his 87th birthday, he refused to accept it, writing, “I don’t consider that I have done anything which should be the reason for any award, Congressional or otherwise.”

As president he paid for all of his own travel expenses and food.

Modern politicians have found a new level of success in cashing in on the Presidency, resulting in untold wealth. Today , too many in Congress also have found a way to become quite wealthy while enjoying the fruits of their offices. Political offices are now for sale

Good old Harry Truman was correct when he observed, “My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference!

We ought to have cloned him for telling it like it is and being frugal with our tax dollars!

That a pro–Trumper would circulate something that so diametrically contradicts Donald Trump and which I find so compelling suggests to me that our mutual admiration for Harry offers hope to America. And by the way. Truman’s order to integrate the US Armed Forces began the stampede of Southern Democrats out of the Democratic Party and eventually into the once hated Party of Lincoln……where they promptly forgot about the sixteenth President.

I’m reestablishing my old domain to advertise my 2019 school board campaign. I’ll be taking book orders from there as well.


When Fox bests PBS

I woke from an Alzheimer’s fighting nine hours of sleep this morning. Its about time. Four and five hours for a week straight doesn’t do it. Holed up upstairs away from the ongoing work in our kitchen Claudia and I had a long conversation about a couple television shows and a great summation about Harry Truman and the logs in some people’s eyes. This post will cover the unlikely butt whooping we saw in television programming last night.

On Sunday nights Claudia and I get together at our daughter’s house and watch TV. The nights usually begin with kid watching then moves on to Adult PBS watching. Kid watching has meant Stranger Things and the Tic in recent times followed by Masterpiece Theater. Last night it was reversed and we began watching Grantchester on PBS a series that has been OKish. I’ve been irritated by it because its flawed hero, an Anglican minister, is given a pass because of his experiences in World War I. His parish is Grantchester, hence the name, and like Agatha Chisties hamlet no end of murders take place there.

Last night we could not endure it when the 1960’s Grantchester was visited by a black minister and his family. I won’t bother explaining how daft the premise was but we drew the line and the latest sexual encounter this self righteous minister had, this time with the black daughter of the minister the night after her brother is murdered by some supposed English Racist. It crammed five decades and two continents of black/white relations into a sorry justification for an improbably unchristian act of sex……off screen but obvious enough when the minister’s friend the cop said with disgust “you screwed her.”

It was time for some kid watching to take our youngest grandson’s eyes off of awful. And I had a brainstorm. Malcolm in the Middle.

A quick check confirmed that it could be livestramed from Hulu for which my daughter and son[-in-law have a subscription. It came out the year after my daughter graduated from highschool but I recall watching it with our son a few years younger. It was one of the few things we did together. Malcolm is the fourth wall breaking middle child of a not quite dystopian wacked-out family. There was some off screen sex in this program too but it was more achingly ridiculous than Grantchester’s gratuitous steam.

As I said we had a long lively talk about this and enjoyed laughing through three episodes in a mini binge with our grandsons. They were the perfect age to watch four television brothers fight and scheme against the world and each other. As with the Simpsons, Fox provided a little anti-venom to its scurrilous political broadcasting designed for Alzheimish baby boomers.


What every election is about…..

the future!

Educating our children is no small deal. America pioneered near universal public education then the Republican Party noticed some failures, real not imagined, and then proceeded to inflict public education with more snake oil cures than you can shake a stick at. The result. An American population of science denying, divided paranoids striking out like blind men in a paper bag.

That kind of population will only slow the search for finding solutions to save our Grandchildren’s Earth. This is not a Chinese hoax.

At the top of this post you can see me and my little sister in British, Columbia in the summer of 1968. We climbed up to a glacier on a warm day. I’ll give you good odds that this glacier, if it still exists, has retreated to a nubbin of what it once was. A similar condition affected the Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau that Claudia and I took our grandsons to see five years ago. The park museum had been built by it years earlier but the glacier had already retreated miles further upstream as chunks of its ice floated past my grandsons.

Everything I envision for Duluth will be aimed at giving our children, all of our children, a future not a calamity. We need to clean up the Central site. That will require a million dollars Continue reading

A $3,000 goal for book publishing costs

Here’s where I stand at this early date:

I think my eight loyal readers will get a kick out of this book and learn a thing or two along the way.

I have yet to get an order online so I’ll include my donation button. It will show up regularly in posts this summer.
Remember, I need to sell 200 books at $15.00 to pay to print them. I’ve sold 23 with a first mailing. I also request that donors consider adding a little over that amount as my campaign will need funds for mailing, advertising and new (I hope) lawnsigns.

Campaigning in Florida

Its an otter. He was sunning himself by the lake at my father-in-laws. I’ve been visiting his place for years. I always wondered if an alligator would show up but today we got an otter. It slid back into the water when a mosquito control vehicle sped past.

The Palm Coast is having the hottest June weather since 1944. Thank goodness for AC. I hid from mother nature and stuffed 170 fund raising envelopes. They will probably make it to Duluth from Florida about as fast as if I’d mailed them from Duluth. I finished editing the letter in Jupiter, printed it and ordered envelopes and address labels. My letter invites potential contributors a book in 100 days by me about my attitude toward and experience with public education. All of the addressees have contributed at some time to previous campaigns. About 70 of the addressees ordered a book about the Red Plan that I never completed. I found the records which listed to whom I returned $700 in refunds since I gave up on writing the book.

I don’t plan on refunds this time.

My campaign starts getting bookish

If my eight loyal readers (of the blog) are not readers of my Not Eudora columns I recommend taking a look at them. I’m averse to writing titles that are too literal regarding the content of my columns. That way readers can’t draw any firm conclusions until they’ve read a couple of paragraphs worth. Among the items I’ll be researching for my book I’ll be going through all my columns, about 200 of them, to see which ones have education related passages that might illuminate my book.

I only have one more serious writing project in mind now – A fundraising letter. I had hoped to have it ready before I left but, after two unsatisfactory attempts at it, I’ll work on it next week in Florida. However, you don’t need to wait for or worry about my sending you a letter. I am delighted to tell you that my old online donation button still seems to work. Its on my 2017 campaign webpage WeltyforSchoolBoard website.

Here’s the deal. After getting a ball park price for publishing 500 books I will be asking for contributions of $15 to assure my supporters that they can have a copy of the book. I’ll be happy to accept larger contributions to pay for costs beyond publishing but fifteen dollars will take care of the printers. I’m aiming at sending them out twenty days before the Nov. 6th election.

I haven’t designed a front cover yet but my new lawnsign will look something like this:

So far this month through the solstice my average blog reader has visited about six times and there have been over 2,000 occasions when readers have spent at least 30 minutes looking at it. I ought to sell a couple hundred books over the course of the summer. I know people were itching to get the book I never wrote about the Red Plan. In fact I sent back over $1,000 dollars to disappointed wannabe purchasers of the book when I didn’t get it written.

I rather like this page on the Duluth Reader. Its the list of my contributions and it includes everything for a little over a year. Starting in April of last year I began searching for pictures to accompany each column. This week I made a piece of artwork myself that pleased me. It represented naked people doing cartwheels down Superior Street. I was especially pleased when Loren Martell called and told me he liked the article and really liked the picture that the Reader staff had designed for it. Since I was the artist I was flattered. It was only after I sent it in that it occurred to me that I should have initialed it as I did with my cartoon of King Trump the previous week.

The Second District Duck

My office is clean as a whistle. It only took me a year. I’ve gathered the materials I need so that I can find the reference points I need to write a book about my life in the Education biz. I’m thrilled. Its so pleasant up here that both of my cats are snoozing behind me in the sun. I think they are up here because its the farthest they can go from the destruction of our kitchen but that’s OK. Its nice to have a refuge. (Its being remodeled.)

At the top of this post you can see that I put up a map of the Second District I hope to represent again. Its outlined in blue. The orange and yellow lines which cover almost all of its streets represent the areas I canvassed in the 2017 election. I did 30,000 steps close to daily according to my pedometer. This map only represents one-fourth of the whole City that I covered. All that walking is why I got plantar fasciitis so badly that I couldn’t walk for a few days near the end of the campaign.

Next to the map is my 140-day campaign calendar. Four days have been slashed out and you can see the yellow line that has been driving me to speed things up. That, starting Saturday, is when I’ll be out of town visiting my Father-in-law in hot, humid Florida. It took that long for Claudia to be up to a trip. It will give me a quiet week to do some writing. A thousand pages a day. I swear. I’ll get it done. One book in 100 to 120 days. I’ve already contacted a printer specializing in books. I have to price it before I let my eight loyal readers put in their order for it.

Press Release

For Immediate Release June 18, 2019

Harry Welty filed today for the Duluth School District’s 2nd District seat and his fourth non-consecutive term on the Duluth School Board. The Second District is currently represented by David Kirby who has already filed for a second term of office. Welty was first elected in 1995 and served through 2003 representing the second District. He subsequently won an at large seat in 2013 and served through 2017.

Welty, a critic of the Board’s imposition of the Red Plan without a vote and its financing also objected to the School Board’s attempted removal of Art Johnston in 2015. Welty says his first concern will be to establish financial equity between Duluth’s eastern and western schools. Toward that end Welty wants to explore having a single high school with two campuses for which students would travel between campuses to complete their academic work. A close second interest for Welty will be the selection of new Superintendent of schools to replace William Gronseth when he steps down at the end of the 2020 school year.

Welty can be reached by email at: