A couple 11th hour School Board election details

Tomorrow my paid advertisement supporting the election of Loren Martell will be in Sunday’s DNT.

TODAY in a letter to the editor the Equity people from wester Duluth said I would be a better choice for the school board than the incumbent and said that the Trib’s editors made a mistake in endorsing the incumbent.

Claudia and I got out of Dodge today to give our ner car a road test. We finally have three digits worth of milage on the odometer. We drove to Ashland, Wisconsin, for lunch and a tour of the museum dedicated to Lake Superior and its surroundings. It was quite nice. I saw a porcupine in a pine tree on the way there… at least I am pretty sure that’s what I saw.

I chatted with Alanna Oswald on the way home via text and suggested we do a go fund me page to buy a barcalounger for her to make sitting through school board meetings bearable for her. She toughed out a 2 hour meeting a couple days ago. She shouldn’t have to suffer.

I came home and replaced some downed lawnsigns.

I discovered Facebook’s very clever appeal to voters to vote on Tuesday. My listing had a link to Lincolndemocrat. Most candidates had some link to a page on the internet but not the incumbent that I am challenging. These days that’s a pretty serious oversight

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