And after reading the news and studying French the campaign continues

This time the Reader placed my latest ad on page 8 which seemed like a promotion from page 49. I sent this one in on the weekend long before the School Board fireworks blew up this week. It certainly seems topical.

I also authorized my campaign mailing to go out to another precinct. It might be in people’s homes by Saturday. I have another five precincts to go after the first two. I have enough in the bank to cover two of the remaining precincts.

I’ve also dug deep into my pockets to pay for some Facebook advertising. So far I’ve spent

$8.00 over the last week. It took me three weeks to figure out how to get Facebook to accept my ads. I guess I was a slow learner kind of like my learning French. It will take me more like three years than the two I’m close to finishing up.

My book writing had a very good day this week – 2,000 words and it was a short writing session. Things will get a little more challenging over the next two months. I’m almost finished putting together all the documents necessary for me to become a substitute teacher. Its something I’ve wanted to do for the past twenty years and for the first time I might be allowed to do it as a school board member should I be elected. We are desperately short of subs these days.

I’ll have to limit just how often I sub because I can’t earn more than $1400 a month lest I lose my Social Security and Medicare insurance. Two years ago it helped pay for my treatment for a very beat up foot after all the walking door to door I did for my campaign. Seeing our schools from the inside will be more useful than wearing out my shoes. Besides it will give teachers a better look at a potential school board member. When I was a teacher forty years ago the teacher’s lounge was where teachers offered fantastical theories to explain the odd things school board members did. Addressing the myths has always been one of my primary motivations for writing Lincolndemocrat and before that I was pretty good at it forty years ago. Ansd if donations dry up it will help me cover those last precinct mailings.

I’ll be off this weekend with Claudia and my grandsons. We are going to Iowa to visit my wife’s family reunion. To Claudia’s horror I taught the grandsons the song she made the mistake of teaching me. Now they gladly sing it every time we take them across the Iowa border.

Iowa! Iowa!
Best in all the land
Corn in every hand
Iowa! Iowa!
That’s where the tall corn grows.

Of course, with Trump in office there is a very limited market for Iowa or Minnesota corn. It was bad enough tarriffing the Chinese into buying their corn and soybeans from Brazil hastening the burning of the Amazon. But then Trump sided with the Koch brothers and big oil and put an end to the purchasing of corn for ethanol which has shuttered something like 36 ethanol plants that turned corn into a fuel for cars. Now that last line must be:

That’s where the tall corn rots.

And another casualty of the ethanol industry was highlighted in the Trib today – pheasants.

Minnesota farmers cleared lots of formerly unused land to grow more corn this year destroying pheasant habitat. Maybe farmers can scatter all the expensively grown but unsold corn on their fallow ground to keep the pheasant population alive through next winter and help bring it back.

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