I returned some of my book money

I sent this letter to my 70 some book buyers. It prompted four of them to request refunds.

December 18, 2019

To 75 people I am deeply indebted to,

You donated to my recent unsuccessful campaign for the Duluth School Board. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I promised all of you a book that I am in the process of writing. I underestimated how much campaigning would pull me away from writing. Now my writing plans have changed. The book I planned to write was exclusively about my experience with education. That made sense to me as I was running for a school board seat again. But I will not be serving on the School Board now. Perhaps that was for the best, however, that leaves nothing to distract me from fretting about our President. I you hadn’t deduced it, I’m not a fan. At the present time 40% of the public has shrugged off the Constitutional separation of powers.

This compels me to write about how the Republican Party ended up in its current state from my Grandfather’s lifetime to mine. I was there to witness the change.

I consider anything that you donated over the $15 for the book to have been meant to help elect me. But since I’m reneging on the original book offer, I have a new proposal for you. If you want your money back I will gladly repay the $15 portion that was intended to buy original book. However, if you are willing to take whatever I write as a substitute for a book I will send that book to you instead when it is completed.

If you are OK with a substitute book you need do nothing. I will send this new book to you when I get it published. If, however, you simply want a refund then return the smaller enclosed envelope to me with a note expressing your wish for a refund. I will mail you a check for both the book and the first class stamp you put on the envelope. I think that is $15.54
Again, I thank you for your moral support during my campaign.

Sincerely, Harry

Three of the four folks who contributed and preferred getting their money back suggested that they supported Trump and didn’t want a book that took issue with him.

I sent them all a genuine thank you for supporting my school board campaign along with a check for $15.55.00. The forever stamps were a cent more expensive than I remembered. I wonder if Trump University reimbursed any tuition?

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