A letter to the editor from a wonderful person I had to disagree with…

… I just sent it in to the Tribune but I’ll not place it here lest that becomes an excuse for them not to publish it. I’m probably not past the 30-day period they usually enforce between commentaries even though I the Trib my campaign column a week or two before they published it. HOWEVER

Below is the letter my friend Kathy Bogan wrote to the Editors of the Duluth News Tribune: My response includes my belief that: “if there is any justice in the world Loren Martell will be elected.” (I say this despite the fact I very much like Loren’s challenger)

Kathy’s letter to the Editor:

I am writing to express my concern about the News Tribune’s editorial endorsement of Loren Martell for District 3 School Board representative (Our View/Endorsement: “Time for Martell to get in the game,” Oct. 9).

In light of the emphasis placed on civility at the Sept. 24 News Tribune- and Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce-sponsored candidate forum, it was puzzling that the newspaper would show support for a candidate who doesn’t always observe important tenets of civility in his comments at School Board meetings and in published commentary. I have attended several School Board meetings in which Martell displayed an acrimonious attitude toward board members and refused to leave the podium after speaking for the three minutes allowed for public comment. This was blatantly disrespectful to board members and those attending the meeting.

We need School Board members who show true leadership through working together and with school administration to address the multifaceted challenges of operating a large system that serves our children, families, and community.

Also running in the 3rd District for School Board is a well-qualified candidate who is knowledgeable about our district and what is currently happening in our schools.

The News Tribune’s endorsement left me wondering whether those involved considered the ability of candidates to function as members of a team charged with solving complex issues together.

Kathy Bogen


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