Pt.2- Obama is the worst Democrat ever…

…but the Republican Party today is even worse:

Apropos the last post on Jason Johnson’s angry unhappiness about voting for Obama is this assessment of the advantage Republicans have over Democrats:

“…the Democratic party is perhaps best characterized as a coalition between ideological liberals and moderates in which ideological liberals often have to restrain their impulses. The Republican party, in contrast, is far more conservative-heavy, and far less inclined to allow self-conscious moderates in the party, a small and arguably shrinking minority, to hold sway.”

From the same paragraph is this stark mathematical reality:

“…groups labeled Staunch Conservatives, Main Street Republicans, and Libertarians — amount to 29 percent of the general public, 35 percent of registered voters, and a large majority of Republican primary voters. Solid Liberals, in contrast, are 14 percent of the general public and 16 percent of registered voters.”

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