Who’s Wagging the Dog

Electoral Wasteland – Where the most unreasonable hair at the tip of the tail can wag the GOP dog:

So far, three million voters have participated in the Republican races, less than the population of Connecticut. This means that 89 percent of all registered voters in those states [that have held caucuses or primaries] have not participated in what is, from a horse-race perspective, a very tight contest. Yes, we know Republicans don’t like their choices; it’s a meh primary. But still, in some states, this election could be happening in a ghost town. Less than 1 percent of registered voters turned out for Maine’s caucus. In Nevada, where Republican turnout was down 25 percent from 2008, only 3 percent of total registered voters participated. This is not majority rule by any measure; it barely qualifies as participatory democracy.

The same hair on the Democratic dog doesn’t have nearly that power.

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