Taking a pin to my pompous balloon

Yeah, this email reaction to my white lie post from a sympathizer just about sums it up:

“Harry, except for talking too much, you are a real asset to our community.”

My Buddy was a little less charitable offering me an alternative adage:

“Bullshit might make the grass grow green, but . . .”

He refrains from completing his proffered quote but I imagine that it would conclude something like this: … too much will kill the grass.

My Buddy gets great satisfaction from his disgust of bullshit. I rather admire him for that.

Meanwhile yet another ally heading off to the DFL convention today to choose between Sharla Gardner and Rep. Simonson for the State Senate endorsement sent me a very interesting Q & A. It was with the Author of the book What’s the Matter with Kansas which skewered Republicans. He’s got a new book out now skewering Democrats.

Maybe my real quarrel is with all the college-educated folks who insisted that spending half a billion bucks on new schools would lead to nirvana. Of course, at the time, all I could think of was the children’s fable about the Emperor’s new clothes. I’m sure the King’s courtiers and counselors all went to Ivy League schools and were pained to hear that only dolts could not see the King’s regal new attire.

BTW. I had great fun yesterday reading Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax to kindergartners through 2nd graders at Lakewood Elementary for Earth Day. It taught me that there are some things we really don’t thneed.

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