Stauber’s $868,000 advantage vs. his president hiding death stats from Dr. Fauci

Pete Stauber may have more money in the bank than Quinn Nystrom and his persistent irritant Me in the GOP primary but he is aiding and abetting Donald Trump in covering up the evidence of the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. Trump began laying waste to American at first through criminal negligence. Now he’s doing it though deceit. Trump no longer dares to personally challenge the Dr. Fauci but he is still trying to pull the wool over America’s eyes by striping the Center for Disease Control of the data about the killer virus’s spread.

From Time Magazine:

“The White House took another swing at the CDC on Wednesday, stripping the agency of its critical role of collecting hospital data about COVID-19 patients and instructing hospitals instead to send that data into a new database controlled by its parent department, Health and Human Services. The CDC typically releases conclusions gleaned from the data on its website and allows medical researchers access to the raw figures for outside statistical analysis and research. Many observers are worried the move to the new database will limit public access to information about COVID-19 across the nation by giving the Trump Administration more direct control over how the data is interpreted and released.”


This is a year when a million dollar advantage will not save Pete Stauber from guilt by association. This is likely to be a wave election and voters will be sweeping Trump’s filth wherever they see it. Nystrom may be the underdog but at least she is not in league with Satan. (And I really shouldn’t speak such ill of the Devil. At least he knows what he’s doing.)

So do I, even if I only have $508.00 in the bank.

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