Without comment I will leave you this very interesting analysis of the likely future conflict between the US and China over Taiwan. https://www.eurasiareview.com/19072021-china-xi-jinping-is-about-to-make-most-important-strategic-decision-of-our-era-analysis/ I highly recommend it……BUT

this post is dedicated to the nonsense diatribe I began to read before vomiting my morning coffee.

I can no longer find the post nestled below the one above. In short a former professor wrote that Fauci was a war criminal.

Its from a year ago when Trump supporters first began dissing Fauci for not adhering to the Trump line. I only read the first two paragraphs which begin:

To understand that President Trump is a war time president is also to understand that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a war criminal undermining Trump’s battle against the pandemic virus.

The current war on the COVID-19 pandemic virus is a battle against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus. Why? Because the CCP intentionally decided to spread the virus worldwide and create the pandemic so that all nations would suffer economically just as they suffered. Moreover, they knew that they could make huge sums by selling the inevitably needed personal protective equipment (PPE) and, eventually, possible drugs and vaccines. All this is not surprising because the CCP controls China, subjugates its enormous population, and oppresses minorities and dissidents through what is a criminal civilian and military enterprise that enriches itself and that has never been voted into office through a national popular vote.

I added my two cents to this tripe as follows in the comment box:


My son an RNA researcher is also mad at Fauci but not because he is a war criminal who undermined our unhinged President Trump. He is mad that Fauci has said the covid virus didn’t escape from a Wuhan lab. (Lovely city BTW. We visited it in 2017 on a Viking Cruise down the Yangtze)

My son says its obvious that the virus was engineered in Wuhan labs because it wasn’t the sort of virus likely to come from an accident of nature. As we learned some time ago the US was funding such research at the Wuhan lab. SO…

So, it happens that unlike bacteria viruses are impossible to control and the US forbids such research. But our scientists could pay Chinese researchers to undertake this risky work because their country is a wild west of science. They have a lot of the hands-off Trumpian-style absence of government regulation

Chinese communism (now only a cover for authoritarian capitalism) didn’t have any grand design to unleash such a calamity on the west as this partisan commentator suggests. Indeed, it is more vulnerable to the spread of variants than the US which so far is the only country that has produced the MRNA vaccines able to fend off the variants. But this common sense explanation doesn’t fit in with Trumpian and Fox-newsian hysteria.

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