Literature and Western Man

As I was putting away the book Pox Americana I took a peek at another book I failed to finish ten years ago, “Literature and Western Man.” I probably bought it at our Library’s annual book sale. For the heck of it I decided to google search its author JB Priestly.

He fought in WW1, got an education at Cambridge and turned to literary criticism. He was also a socialist who got elected to Parliament.

Ten years ago we took the kids on a two week B&B tour of England. In London we went to a play called “An Inspector Calls” a murder mystery. I was impressed because the stage was set up for a real downpour in the opening scene. It was an entertaining play but it had a moralizing, socialist bent. The murderer turned out to be a rich industialist. Dirty capitalist pig!

The play was written by Priestly!

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