Whew! National Teacher’s Day

Why do I lead the title of this post “Whew”? Because in a school board member’s blog National Teacher’s Day should not go unremarked on and for this school board member, seeing today’s Google’s animation was just one more of a half dozen things for me to remark upon. Its not quite the straw that will break my back but I feel its weight.

If it was national school board day it would be more like that Woody Allen snippet from his spoof on Tolstoy Love and Death:

As a certified, if not certifiable, school board member I have license to use this clip in remembrance of that other wit, Mark Twain’s, toast to school boards.

BTW – I saw this movie when I was in college and I busted a gut with this gag. Until I just googled it I hadn’t seen it since. It still a good gut buster.

My daughter, a teacher, who was just awarded her Masters degree in education a couple days ago, shared this thoughtful appraisal of the “superteacher” on Facebook.

Word has it that one of the candidates for the school board this fall comes from the ranks of teaching. I hope this teacher doesn’t find themselves falling from a pedestal and into a Woody Allen spoof come January. And today’s Trib was full of stories about the Duluth School Board which hints of an idiot’s convention. I’ll add a couple of anecdotes while I’m at it starting with my apology.

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