Countdown 43 That MF Steve Bannon

David Brooks wrote this piece for Today’s NY Times: My Unsettling Interview With Steve Bannon

Bannon is Trump’s muse. Trump is Bannon’s useful idiot. So after being pardoned by Trump for federal crimes he is now set to go to prison for new offenses for four months. In another story I read about Bannon he’s looking forward to this vacation and not at all worried that he will be out of touch with the many fires he is setting. I got singed by one a couple days ago and it was the subject of a post where I was reluctant to expose everything I had experienced. The writer David Brooks is a wise man who has been regularly ambushed by facts on the ground. He wrote about a man who was telling others a few years ago that it might be necessary for Trump people to kill non-Trump people. Now I’m only stating the obvious. The man in Brooks’s column was talking in circles about “good people” killing evil people as a necessity for which there was no escape for the good people. Good people being Trumpers with guns, nooses and God on their side.

After my post that protected the confidences of the person who drew me to Trump Country I reconsidered and wrote 1400 rough draft words to keep what happened fresh in my memory as it portended evil. Here are a few of the conclusions I drew from listening to a disciple of Bannon ranting about guns.

Steve Bannon is either telling people lies on the scale of Donald Trump OR a lot of his growing cult of nationalists are such blank slates they do not understand what they are being told and fill in the voids in their knowledge with fantastical ideas.

This gun lover told me after listening to Steve Bannon’s predictions about the liberal crises prompted by the walking dead debate by President Biden that:

1.There will be no election.
2.Biden will be removed (apparenlty the the deep state)
3.The only way to avoid a world ending war and riots in the streets will be for Biden to admit publically that he stole the election from Trump and resign.
4.Trump will become President (evidently without an election)
5.Trump will end the Ukraine conflict as only he could.

Along with that hornets nest of inconsistencies from listening to the War Room he went on some tangents after I threw in the fire bomb word “bumpstocks.”

To which he asked me if I was for the Second Amendment. He didn’t like my reply that there are a lot of things defined today as armes that our Founding Fathers would have been appalled with as home tools. Like for instance ammunition stores for the apocalypse. (I didn’t add that last flip comment)

I did mention how laser printers were making guns easy to make to which he told me of friends who were making automatic rifles and hiding them. (review my flip comment above)

Then I found out one of the reasons why my opponent Pete Stauber is so reviled in his household. I was told Pete helped author a “red flag” law but later refused to vote for it. Red flag laws are meant to take guns away from people who are a threat to themselves, their families or society. But heavens-to-Betsy. They might be aimed at people who are making their own secret cache of automatic weapons. God forbid that violation of the sacrament of the Second Amendment. Writing it and then not voting for it was proof Pete Stauber couldn’t be trusted. (or proof he’s scared witless by Trumpers)

I was also asked if I believed in God to which I replied I was an agnostic. That was not what my ranter wanted to hear and thus had I believed in his Catholic God I would probably have prayed to escape his home alive. I wasn’t really afraid for myself at that time. The time bomb’s fuse wasn’t in flame but Steve Bannon does have at least one person thinking of an apocalypse.

So. I insisted after a long talk that my wife read the David Brooks interview which had been purged of Bannon’s favorite f-bombs. She did. And she had a couple of interesting observations.

She read the same Business books that Steve Bannon was reading in Harvard when the blue collar boy made good and got to the Ivy League. She said they were all about the thinking in the 1980’s age of greed is good in Wall street where businesses where acquired by pirates, stripped of resources to go into the pockets of the pirates and sold off to avoid giving workers the benefits that limited shareholder profits. I remember for years afterward my wife was worried that some wall street bandit would buy up Minnesota Power and strip it of its value.

Then she told me that’s just what Steve Bannon did. He became a mother fucker for Goldman Sachs which bought of factories, stripped them of their resources thus casting their employees into the unemployment hell. He is now using to recruit an army of his victims to overthrow our Democracy with people who value their guns over human life. Maybe he’s trying to make up for having screwed them in the first place. My wife didn’t use that coarse language. That’s all mine. That’s the blue collar language of a man who describes Donald Trump as a softy who likes people but considers him a useful idiot.

Prison has helped mold many men. Martin Luther King took a turn in the Birmingham jail. Peter was jailed in the Rome where today the Catholic Church’s most famous church is named for him. Then there was Adolph Hitler who used his jail time to write Mein Kampf.

I don’t expect anyone to be naming a Cathedral after Steve Bannon any time soon.

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