Note the first line of the back side of my Jabba the Hutt card

Hooray! The Reader went back on line and it has by declaration of candidacy against our very NICE GUY Republican candidate Pete Stauber. Remember how many nice guys there are in Russia sucking up the official Putin endorsed State media line that Russia is bravely chasing Nazi’s out of the Ukraine. Remember how many nice guys in Germany stood back telling themselves that that crazy Hitler fellow could never get elected. Just think how many Republicans would have told you before Donald Trump that there would never be an attempt to overthrow our Government. Pete Stauber is as nice a guy as those empty suits I mention in this declaration of mine that were mowed down by Donald Trump because they were as mealy mouthed at Pete Stauber is and who then fell into line as Trump’s most steadfast champions. Like go-ahead-Don-and-call-my-Dad-a-presidential-assassin-and-my-wife-ugly Ted Cruz.

So today at church someone who has never admitted reading my columns in the Reader asked me if I was really going to run against Stauber. You Damned right I am. I’d rather have elephant scat as my congressman than someone ready to overthrow our Democracy without a fight because he sold America out like Fox News. I just heard the New York Times describe Fox’s Tucker Carlson as the most racist man on cable news. Ya think? If selling political porn can make the Murdoch’s richer of course they would do it. American democracy is all about making money. Its only about making money. Never give a sucker an even break. Pete is in on this scam.

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