My wife won’t be voting for me for Congress

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Claudia has told me several times she will not be voting for me but for Jen Schultz. I don’t blame her in the slightest. Today’s Republican Party is intent on destroying America in the name of saving America. So, I’ll just have to convince her to vote for me in the primary. I have 99 days to convince 100,000 voters in northeast Minnesota to do so if I have any hope of getting rid of a Trump brownnoser who would help destroy his grandchildren’s earth than be honest about what’s going on in our nation or his party or in the Congress.

A couple days ago someone who I had no idea ever read my Duluth Reader column asked if I was really going to run for Congress as though I hadn’t filed against Stauber in 2018 and 2020. He shook his head and said everything I said about Pete was true. If I didn’t think it was true I wouldn’t have written it. I’m out of patience with the body snatchers of the Republican Party. They do not recognize that they are the heirs of Jefferson’s hypocrisy about Democracy and the equality of man. Their current spokesmen is Tucker Carlson a man who is Rush Limbaugh squared. Everything Tucker Carlson says represents Pete Stauber because he is too much of a coward to be otherwise.

If he’s willing to sell his children’s and grandchildren’s Earth down the river I can see no reason not to be candid about this human failing of his. After all his party has considered me a baby killer because I’m pro choice. Just because they don’t use baby killer or nigger in public doesn’t mean they are don’t think the words and use them with their allies in private.

So, my intent from the beginning of 2018 was to stop Pete Stauber from playing the “nice guy” card. His political party is not a nice guy, his policies are not those of a nice guy. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’ll do my best to pull the sheepskin off him so Jen Schultz can beat him. But should I defeat Pete in the primary I’ll make a case for repopulating the Republican Party with the people it primaried out of its ranks after Ronald Reagan’s big tent was folded up and his Alzheimer’s was too far gone for him to object.

And today’s News from the Supreme Court about its imminent overturning of Roe Vs. Wade is just more Republican frosting on the cake from the condom king Trump’s …

….Pro-life Supreme Court picks. I also heard Chief Justice Roberts is going to conduct Jan 6th style investigation to find out which law clerk or justice made the unprecedented but completely legal leak of the opinion. As my wife said there doesn’t seem to be any investigation underway of Justice Clarence Thomas votes in accordance with his ditzy wife’s collusion to undermine the 2020 election. Double standard to say the least.

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