News headlines that caught my attention on or before 08/29/2022

The reason for which I explained here.

How Bad Is the Teacher Shortage? Depends Where You Live.

I read it. Someone is writing a nuanced story about this looming crises. Damn….Its Trump’s much ridiculed NYTimes

A friend just sent this to me. Its not news, its opinion. I only read the first sentence but it seems to address the desire of Confederate War Memorial worshipers to bring the Civil War back wrapped up in an Abraham Lincoln disguise. If I’m right about that the piece is right on.

American Real Estate Was a Money Launderer’s Dream. That’s Changing.

This morning my better half and I were talking…..I was ranting….about how in my lifetime the Republican Party directed by rich ex John Birchers became ripe for a take over by the narcis-sissi Donald Trump and thus turned into a cult threatening to bury the best of the founders of the United States. My wife mention real estate development and I told her I took a swipe at this in my next Reader Column Millions of Cat.

I had Donald Trump in mind but I also talked about Texas ranchers turned tax cheat commie hating Oil men with their tax dodges that let them keep everything by making poor Americans pay for the nation’s upkeep. They are models for all sorts of newbie millionaires who pay very little for the nation’s upkeep while they funnel a fraction of their legally ill-gotten gains (Think Sacklers) into amoral Republican Congressman’s reelection campaigns. To my surprise until now I have not mentioned the Sackers in Lincolndemocrat. I did mention them in this Reader column however where I wrote: “Pete is like all the anti-science, election lie-spewing, global warmth-denying Congressmen who protect the fortunes of super-rich people like the Sackler family. Their opioids killed a quarter million Americans but they are safer here than Mexico’s Narcos. No wonder Putin’s billionaires park their stolen billions in a law-abiding America.”

Drought is shrinking crops from the US Farm Belt to China’s Yangtze River basin, ratcheting up fears of global hunger and weighing on the outlook for inflation. The latest warning flare comes out of … View the article.

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