The Federalist and Dark (free speech) Money


I googled Trumps biggest lies at the Presidential Debate and this popped up:

The Federalist Society is a powerful and growing more powerful organization of lawyers who have twisted the original idea of Federalism which got our first President George Washington criticized for promoting Federal (national) power over states powers. The Federalist Society has twisted it into a state’s rights organization to blunt the Federal powers our First President thought were needed to keep us safe from more powerful European nations. Our first incarnation as a nation was under an agreement called the Articles of Confederation in which states were constantly fighting with each other thus weakening the nation or confederation as a whole.

Washington couldn’t see too far into a future that his contemporaries all feared might see the end of the American experiment but he saw it clearly enough and knew the legacy was built around Jefferson’s words in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal. Washington feared that if he kept his slaves he would forever be branded a hypocrite through history. Although he didn’t free the slaves that belonged to his wife, if I remember correctly, his will set his own slaves free.

The much younger author, Jefferson, had no problem with hypocrisy. He kept his deceased wife’s slave and half-sister as his mistress and fathered many children by her. He was a proponent of State’s Rights and dubious about the Federalist’s claim (then and now) about national interference in state’s business – especially slave property. State’s Right, now championed by the misnamed Federalist Society, became the calling card of the South through the Civil War to the granting of voting rights for silenced black Americans in my youth. Today’s Federalist Society is walking in the footsteps of generations of white supremacists who worked feverishly and successfully for over a century to keep black Americans second class citizens. Today they are champions of new state’s rights laws which have prompted the new misnamed Republican federalists to make it harder for urban and minority and poor citizens to vote than rural white republican voters. As in the Era of Civil Rights the state’s rights supporters are only interested in their rights……On the doorstep of the Civil War they got the Supreme Court to prevent northern free states from outlawing slavery. That’s why Lincoln jumped into the new Republican Party the legacy of which today’s federalists are busy repudiating.

So, before I began checking Trump’s lies I wondered who funds the with its staff the size of a medium city’s newspaper:

Its a billionaire in league with a Charles Manson “race war” wannabe, Trump Advisor, Steve Bannon who promotes national discord to keep Trump in power. In short if he, like Trump can’t call the shots he’d rather see America in flames.

That brings me up to yesterday and an eventful episode in my campaign for Congress that I feel compelled to write about even at the expense of a day’s campaigning on what looks to be a gorgeous day. I might simply summarize it in the next post but it deserves a 5000 word treatment. I think I even assured one of the people some confidentiality in my tone if not my words as we spent two hours getting to know each other. I will wrestle with how much to tell and maybe save some intriguing details for a fuller treatment at some later date.

I’m thinking about Charles Manson’s call for a race war in America. He, of course, contented himself with sending out drugged up groupies to slash the abdomen of the pregnant wife of a Hollywood movie director in an event he named after a Beatle’s song Helter Skelter. It did not provoke a race war.

His wish for a race war has been taken up by a host of people with agendas similar to Trump advisor Steve Bannon. The crude little novel The Turner Diaries is the movement’s Bible. I printed out after finding it on the Internet a few years ago but I contented myself with short summaries rather than read it. Ditto Mein Kampf. It was the Bible for Timothy McVeigh who blew up the McMurrah Federal office tower in Oklahoma.

The billionaires financing Trump’s take-no-prisoners campaign for reinstatement as President are breathing life into the crowd that loves this book. Its front cover asks: What will you do when they come to take your guns? I met a person yesterday for whom this question looms large. He told me there would be no election and that Trump would become President unless Joe Biden admitted he cheated in 2020 and left the White House. Oh yes, and after all the handwringing by Democrats over the dismal debate by Biden he had listened to Bannon (not fake news) for an insiders take on what was going on. He assured me that there would not be a presidential election and a world war was going to start in the next two weeks. Russian ships were just off the coast of Cuba in preparation for the war. Biden’s debate embarrassment was somehow precipitating these events. Maybe the Democrat’s deep state was about to start the war by replacing Biden. Coherence was not an option so I made a rather hasty exit shortly after the gentlemen ordered his partner not to help me in any way with my campaign after a discussion about bumpstocks and the Second Amendment protection of anything called arms. My suggestion that Constitutional “originalists” might be OK with defining arms as the sort of primitive weapons the founding father’s knew them to be did not go over well. Neither did my suggestion that a call to make America the Christian nation could violate the 1st Amendment.

I got a glimpse of what Pete Stauber faces in Republican circles today. It helped to explain his spinelessness. I’m so glad the billionaires are fueling all this. Maybe they ought to look to Putin’s Russia to see how his billionaires have fared after objecting to his policies.

PS. This is where billionaires spend their savings when they get trillions of dollars worth of tax cuts that Congressmen like Pete Stauber are scared witless not to give them.

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