Campaign diary with 74 for days to go.

Darn technology. I have two weeks of days to put up hundreds of signs. I had a great day yesterday as I related to my French penpal. BTW the post before this should have said 75 days not 74. This is 74. And its already 11AM. I must start putting up signs on a very un-Duluth-like humid day. As I told the strong Democrats who walked by as I helped my wife put up some mesh fence to save her flowers from the deer “Thank goodness there is no Trump-ignorance-caused Global warming.

The neighbors who will probably vote for the Democrat in November picked up my lawnsign to put in their yard. They will keep it up until I either beat a traitor in the August 13th primary or let Pete Stauber slip past me. If he goes back to Congress he will peek out of Trump’s pocket while the sociopath keeps turning the swamp he was going to drain into a cesspool. His Fox believing dupes will keep showering him with money by the millions per guilt count.

That trial could be the last vestige of the honest government if crap worshipers like Pete Stauber keep building their outhouse over the Lincoln Memorial.

As for technology. This blog is on the fritz and keeps visitors waiting minutes before a refresh button gives them a peek at its contents.

On the plus side I think my campaign blog now has enough foe me to ignore ir for the next 74 days. If I can just get book sales and donations I will get that traitor Pete (lies like he’s Trump) Stauber out of Congress.

I’m off to put up signs.

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