The Republican Caucuses

I almost missed the Republican Precinct Caucuses. After waking up as dark fell my wife asked me if I hadn’t been planning to caucus. I had to hurry to a burger place get fast food consume it and hurry over to the caucus site which my wife told me was Lincoln Junior high in Western Duluth. That was news to me but she’d just heard it on the news. She was suprised I hadn’t gotten an email to that effect. I did. I’m on the mailing list for Republicans and for Congressman Stauber too. I just didn’t read any of them. My big meeting of the day was with the publisher of my forthcoming campaign book. Claudia checked my W2s for teaching last year and told me I had earned $3,000 to pay for the book. Cool. I’m sure I’ll finally have a best seller. I’m publishing it under my old trademark and I will keep any profits.

I eventually hope I am organized enough that my campaign will handled the sales for me. I would be able to spend my profits on my campaign that way. That may require a campaign attorney.

I wrote about the Furries that I learned about in 2022’s Congressional Convention where a ton of Trump’s fans showed up. I imagine there will be a lot this year as well but I’m not sure Duluth will contribute many this year. Two years ago East and West Duluth split up and there were about fifty people in Ordean East to get together. This year it was 61 people if I counted right but it was for all of Duluth which met together at Lincoln. I was one of two people in precinct 11 two years ago. There were four of us if I recall correctly two years ago.

I saw a lot of old hands. I shook hands with Art Johnston which suggested he did not read my last column in the Reader over the weekend where I washed my hands of him as a political ally because he joined Trump in calling the last election into question. I think all the old time Republicans skip my columns. Blissful ignorance.

I was cordial with all everyone and everyone was cordial with me even if they think I’m untrustworthy for running against Trump folks.

One of the cordial greeters was Becky Hall who has taken to running and losing offices as today’s kind of Republican. I, of course, don’t think today’s kind of Republican is a Republican in the truest sense of the word. And that thought is reciprocated back. Here’s what
Becky said of my primary results back in 2020 against Pete Stauber:

Primary Analysis / A Duluth Republican’s View: ‘Bernie Sanders Left’ is too far left for Duluth
Written By: Becky Hall | Aug 14th 2020 – 9am.
The die-hard activists from each party are the ones who get out for their candidates in a primary. That was very apparent this week, especially in Duluth’s Democratic primaries where there was one very credible opposition race. There were none on the GOP side.
There really were no surprises in the local Republican primaries — other than former Duluth School Board member Harry Welty officially claiming to be Republican. That was news to me when he first filed for the office. I had no idea he was one of us! Congressman Pete Stauber beat Welty handily with 96% of the vote in the 8th Congressional District.

I, of course can’t really imagine anyone who is a traitor to Abe Lincoln is a very good representative of the Republican Party. Hell, Trump is more like John Wilkes Booth than Abe.

Well, Gotta get back to my book. I’m hauling ass and I have $3,000 bucks to burn.

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