Napoleon – lessons to learn

I bought this book for three reasons and paid full price at the Musee de l’armee in Paris where Napoleon is buried in a magnificent gaudy display. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn about the emperor to buy it for this price plus three bucks shipping. Its an excellent short but comprehensive and […]


I made the Duluth News Trib a couple days ago much to my amusement. Reporter Brady Slater, who has been covering the Congressional campaign in Minnesota’s Eighth District, emailed me some questions wondering what I made of Pete Stauber’s silence on his email snafu. I was quoted correctly saying that he wanted to keep it […]


I may have gotten a wink of sleep on my flight over the Atlantic to France but, if so, it was quite literally a wink. Our departure from went without a hitch other than our failure to sleep. Our hotel took our bags when we arrived by cab too early for a check in so […]

An Open Letter to MCCL (and why even the Supreme Court will not end abortions)

A short note before I share the letter. I was alive when “back alley” abortions took the lives of women. I formed my opinions on the subject of abortion in 1960’s and 70’s as a then liberal Republican. my thinking aligned with the Republican Supreme Court justices who ruled on Roe vs. Wade. My opinion […]

Pete Stauber for Motherhood and Apple Pie

I just checked out Pete Stauber’s campaign issue page. Typical Republican tripe but I’ll admit I haven’t read beyond the headlines yet. I will comment on the various issues when I’ve got the time. They are: Holy crap! I just looked at it again. His page is truly light in the loafers. Each issue has […]

Why I will I file for Congress again tomorrow

Because I’m like Belgium. When the awesome and merciless army of Adolph Hitler overran their border to attack France they fought anyway and at great sacrifice. I sacrifice nothing by taking on a Donald Trump bootlicker. Donald Trump won the Eighth District handily last year. As a Republican I knew this day would come. I […]

Trump 2016 – Get used to it

Readers who look closely will see that the previous post is categorized as “Trump 2016” which seems wrong because, after New Years, we now find ourselves in 2018. That is simply a function of my setting up a Trump Account in the annus horibilous when he first interjected his bile seriously into American politics. I […]

Joyeux Noël

This Christmas Season has had a subtext of World Wars about it for Claudia and me. I just finished reading the fabulous “Last Hope Island” out loud to Claudia and am half way through “Last of the Doughboys.” We have both been working on French lessons on the app Duolingo . Given six or seven […]

Aborting the €™’s

I did it. If you put the nonsense symbols, €™, into my search function only three posts pop up – uh, four now including this one. I had to spend close to thirty hours laboriously removing them. How many I removed I can’t be sure. An off the cuff guess? There might have been an […]

3 AM again

Just like yesterday I woke up early and started thinking. Maybe like our President I should begin tweeting at whoever is the latest person to dis me. As I suggested in my early morning post yesterday its probably my fear for America’s future that gives me insomnia. In Trump’s case the smart ass in me […]