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I am recovering from reducing 4000 words yesterday to 900 for my Reader column next week. I will only be certain if I’m satisfied with it when I read it again next week. I liked the one with Willy and Joe this week. The image I sent to the Reader to accompany the column was for the better by the Reader’s editor, Jim. I’m also recovering from a massive organizing of old files, both paper and computer, which accumulated over the Covid years as I typed up possible books without finishing and leaving paper and info bytes everywhere. You can sense the data overload if you recall seeing all the post-it notes that hang from my office ceilings…..except that they are well organized. Now most everything else is too. It gives me no excuse not to start putting a book together for the first time for me since 1992 when I was figuring out how to self publish a book to pay for my first campaign for Congress. Like that year the public is ready for something different but hopefully not Donald Trump cult different.

I have only started to organize the massive files I’ve cranked out already in the still fairly new 2024. That will be my task in a couple minutes when I upload this post.

I just reread one early intro to the book I hope to have ready in the next six weeks. I like it but its not how I want to start my book now. I also reviewed the book cover I imagined using which I also like. Its a primitive collage I already used on a Reader column over the last year. So to keep the blog going….and by the way reader visits are up a bit …Here is the cover art I won’t be using on this book cover followed by the intro I’m also not going to use.

This was used in the column Trump’s Crime spree with thanks to Sean Hannity

About this Higgledy Piggledy Book

Readers be aware: 1. The column titles I came up with over the last two decades of writing were meant to be ambiguous to keep readers curious. Harry thought about offering summaries in this anthology but instead has opted to add only a dozen single words like BIOGRAPHY, LINCOLN, ENVIORNMENT, HUMOR, ABORTION, in all caps to help readers avoid topics they have no interest in.

Readers be aware: 2. Harry always has ten things on his mind at the same time and is always cross referencing them. He intends to scramble readers who suffer from orderly desk syndrome into facing the million thoughts every column provokes by making connections and to make them keep an open mind.

Why? Because of Hammers! They are the tools that Dictators favor as made clear by Mao tse Tung who promised: “The nail that stands too tall will be pounded down.” Carpenters and builders know it takes a shop full of different tools to build things. That’s what this book is although the shop may seem disorderly. It sets out history, biography, political conundrums, and news like tossed salad with only the aforementioned capitalized words to indicate what each couple pages hides. Its meant to keep readers and people who fear for America reading so that they are tempted to help the author get to Washington as a fellow Congressman to meet Marjory Taylor Green and show her what a Lincoln Republican looks like instead of the cowardly fluffs of Trumplican pocket lint who have sewn their mouths shut.

When a Trump, Putin, Mao or Hitler uses a hammer it typically follows A. propaganda, B. paranoia, and C. hate.

If you hate Democrats you hate Abraham Lincoln and Jesus.

If you hate Republicans you hate sensible people who are hiding underground waiting for Donald Trump to stop terrorizing them with the help of Rupert Murdoch the  Koch Brothers and a passel of billionaire know-it-alls who think their wealth came from their smarts instead of the tax laws Republicans have enacted for fifty years that allow rich people to use money as leverage to siphon more of it out of people with a lot less of it.

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