Ripping the skin off racism

There is a fierce debate about whether Americans are still racists. The worst black harassing President since Woodrow Wilson (who kicked Blacks out of the civil service), Donald Trump, (who kept blacks out of his apartment buildings) says he’s the least racist Person in America.

I’ll give Trump credit for one thing. His elevation to the Oval Office has shown how profoundly ignorant America is about its shitty treatment of black Americans over the last 20 generations.

Not withstanding our nation’s remarkable election of the half-white Barack Obama in 2008 Trump has ripped the scab off our long simmering anti-black infection.

It continues today everywhere including in Duluth’s Public Schools. I won’t bring an end to it but as one of the few white children actually affected by Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education I will be damned if I will let my experience be wasted.

The New York Times has been publishing a fantastically clear eyed series of histories about how we got to this improved but still rancid state over the last 400 years.

This story about our vile criminal justice system that non-racist, Donald Trump, sent 5 more innocent black kids into is well worth the read for anyone willing to take the scales off their eyes.

American Prisons Owe Their Cruelty to Slavery

Page 49

Once again its the page number of my latest Reader ad placement.

Tomorrow I am going to get some much needed away time. The Minnesota Get Together. Our State Fair, beckons. We’re taking a grandchild who has never been to it before. I hope my kitchen is a little further along when I return home tomorrow night. If I come home to find my own fundraising letter in my mailbox that will mean I’ve begun the process of explaining my campaign to the Second District voters who don’t make it a habit to look at my online presence. I’m mailing to the 2,000 homes in my ninth precinct. If enough donations are returned it will allow me to mail my letter to another precinct. I have seven more to cover after tomorrow. There are 12,000 homes in all. It will be a less painful process than getting plantars fascitis again. I was crippled by that three weeks before the 2017 election. I’ll save my strength for writing a book and placing ads in the Reader.

And I finally put up a Welty lawnsign. Its in my front yard by Alanna Oswald’s sign. We’re up to three cylinders on our V6 engine.

Dear Denmark,

Dear Denmark,

Please reconsider your hasty refusal to sell Greenland to the United States. Remember, our President is a genius, a very smart businessman and leader of the free world. But expect him to dicker with you (and no that is not a sexual reference. Dicker means to bargain.)

You should make a counter offer. Offer to trade Greenland for the Blue States. It’s probably about the same land mass and the Blue States are not covered with ice. Sure, when Trump melts Greenland you will lose Maralago along with a third of your purchase but this North American land has lots of productive people who are a lot like the Danes. Not so many guns. They are from blue states after all. Most of them would really prefer your Prime Minister to our President.

When you’ve sealed the deal consider trading Faroe island with Lesser Britain for Scotland. I hear that Boris Johnson is a Trump clone. He’ll be eager to off-load the Scots now that Brexit is breathing down his neck. I think they would like you better too.

Have no doubt. A lot of us would take the deal in a heartbeat. And Minnesota (a blue state if ever there was one) has bragging rights for being discovered by your Viking ancestors. We even named our football team after them.


Harry Welty
Duluth, Minnesota, USA (for now but it could be…….)
Duluth, Minnesota, DENMARK (Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?)

And here’s a shameless plug to all you Danes who speak better English than we Americans.
I’m selling a book…


These are some of the notes I took at tonight’s school board meeting. There is nothing magical about notes. I’ve taken them diligently since college. I even kept some of my notebooks for years afterward. Anyway it was much easier taking notes this month. In July I tried to take notes on my cell phone. It was a disaster.

Not much happened tonight. It was a short summer meeting and these school board members aren’t big talkers except Chair Kemp who lavishes praise on district employees at the drop of a hat. And Alanna Oswald asks questions regularly just like me. Tonight was not a question night. I only have two pages of notes and this first one includes a mock up of a business card I imagined passing out to my classes if I was a substitute teacher. I’ve dreamed of subbing for twenty years when I was a board member. That Board disapproved of such fraternization between me and the teachers. This Board has two teachers who are set to sub. So, when the agenda got to a policy change in state law regarding school board members subbing I perked up my ears.

It was in the Human Resources Committee agenda. But the pdf wouldn’t load onto my cell phone for me to read it. I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t find it. Human Resources Director, Tim Sworsky, apologized for losing his place when he too failed to locate it. You see, The school board went to “paperless” meetings. We were discussing this when I departed the board two years ago. It would supposedly save beaucoup bucks and many trees. I was old fashioned and resisted the innovation. I was secretly pleased when Mr. Sworsky was detoured in the digital world.

I came to this meeting with a note pad. Last month I had expected to find the traditional paper agenda but that was a no go. So. tonight I took notes the way I had back in college. Then the WIFI system broke down an no one at the meeting could follow the agendas on their chrome books any more. I was delighted.

Chair Kemp had come prepared. When Alanna could no longer refer to her chrome book for her Business Committee report Rosie grandly handed the forbidden paper agendas to her colleagues.

Silverfish and Daddy long legs

A week ago I saw the first silverfish since I was in junior high school in North Mankato, Minnesota. Back then our basement had these creepy silvery bugs in it. A lot of them. I squashed the one who wriggled into dreaded light last week. They are found in damp places and avoid the light. Our house in North Mankato lay in the Minnesota River’s flood plain. It had been flooded in 1950 the year I was born in Kansas although, I would not move in with the silverfish until thirteen years later.

Reading the Wikipedia entry on the critters I realized they were not a new species in our area. Its just one I’d not seen before so unlike the cardinals I’d grown up with in Kansas but only started seeing twenty years ago its not a species fleeing climate change.

I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned the venus fly trap we bought for our older grandson. It has a taste for daddy long legs. We took it outside by our garden and it has consumed about a half dozen of them. The last one managed to have half its body sticking out of the Venus’s maw and not just its legs.

We also have been setting a trap for fruit flies which invade this time of year. Its a jar containing apple cider with a saran wrap cover poked with toothpick holes. Its very gratifying to see the little buggers dive to their doom though one of the holes.

What Harry’s reading 8-20-2019

Both stories/opinion pieces are from the New York Times:

I vividly recall the Tea Party demanding that America pay its debts at the beginning of the 2008 housing collapse and Barack Obama instead pouring money into the economy to keep it from grinding to a halt. Nobel Economist Paul Krugman notes that hypocritical Republicans recognized the danger and went along with Obama which gave us Obama’s long economic growth which Donald Trump takes credit for (even though his short term policies are about to derail it) Krugman takes Germany to task for doing just the opposite of Obama and putting the breaks on economic growth:

The World Has a Germany Problem

This was fascinating. Amazon is letting all sorts of rascals sell classic books that they have butchered because they are no longer protected under copyright laws. We’re getting books as Cliff notes with all the hideous translations we see when second-rate Urdu speakers mangle the English language. No thank you Jeff Bezos. Unlike your Washington Post this is a great disservice to the truth.

It’s Almost Orwellian: What Happens to Orwell Books on Amazon

Harry’s Diary 8-20-2019

Greenland is sliding into the sea, the economy is poised to tank next year or the year after Donald Trump’s reelection should that occur, Brazil’s forests are under assault as one of the new Internet Era’s collection of pseudo-fascist, plutocrat-hugging, mini-Trumps is setting armies of murderers out to kill the locals in order to burn down the Amazon for more methane spreading cattle ranches for Big Macs and yet I’m feeling pretty happy this rainy morning.

Claudia just baked our old favorite blueberry buckle, in our new stove, in our new almost finished kitchen and I used our spiffy new microwave to reheat my coffee. The old fridge is out of our dining room! I saw another compelling episode of Mindhunter (season two) last night and it involved Charles Manson who I was recently reading about. My campaign fundraising letter is about to be sent out to at least 2,000 of my 12,000 potential constituents. I’ve thought of a cool way to speed up an initial burst of lawnsigns by the end of the week. I got back to my book writing yesterday after a week of putting up new church storm windows. The writing went very well – although – its becoming obvious my early hope of having a book ready for shipment a month before the election was and is wildly optimistic.

Sometimes in face of even dire threats to your grandchildren’s future you have to be positive. In fact, I hope my Grandsons can help me preserve the Duluth Schools and reelect me to the Board after my glorious two-year hiatus from the sometimes wretched politics of the School District. What else can I say? I’m an optimist despite all evidence to the contrary.

Its almost 10 AM and I’m eager to begin writing again. This post is to assure my regulars that I’m still focused on the Duluth School District and also to assure them that I remain busy with life as well as the great issues of the day. I have never accused myself of being myopic!

After I race through today’s French studies I will post a couple of stories from the New York Times that caught my attention. One is about Germany’s role in the world economy and the other is about Jeff Bezos’s shoddy treatment of words……Not the Washington Post (thank heavens) but the unfolding booksales his company built its foundation on. So, Vive la France! Vive la litterature! Vive l’economie du la monde! Vive l’idiot! (That’s a reference to my book on Public Education. I’m hoping its sales will finance my school board campaign)

A fifteen dollar donation will get you one of these babies. Order here:

Good Riddance to Lake Calhoun

Minneapolitians were divided about the renaming of long-standing Lake Calhoun into Bde Maka Ska. I doubt that many Minnesotans even knew who John C. Calhoun was or why anyone would object to his name being affixed to one of Minneapolis’s many pretty lakes. The answer is spelled out in one one of the New York Times marvelous histories concerning 2019’s 400 anniversary of the beginning of slavery in the United States. When they are finished I hope they publish the collection as a book.

Here’s the villain himself:

I’m intrigued that he looks every bit as grim as his polar political opposite John Brown whose Kansas State Capitol Mural I googled yesterday. That link is to a Christian Science Monitor story about the painter John Steurt Curry.


When my Mother was a girl the mural was being painted in the capitol building. Brown was “reaping the whirlwind” that John C. Calhoun had sown in poisoning the call to equality in the Declaration of Independence. Or to loosely paraphrase George Orwell. “All animals are equal but slaveholders are more equal than others.”

There is a reason this blog is called Lincolndemocrat. When I named it I was about to throw in the towel to the quasi-fascists that had taken over the GOP to fashion a new Jim Crow run by rural white Americans. The spirit of the Republican Party had been stripped from Abe Lincoln and handed to the architect of the anti-democratic South, John C. Calhoun.

I highly recommend this installment of the New York Times coverage of the 400th Anniversary of oppression against funny colored people by pink people:

What the Reactionary Politics of 2019 Owe to the Politics of Slavery

search/paranoia/transparancy – follow up

I’m not sure if other people looking at Lincoln Democrat are able to see the (my) recent search history that I posted a few minutes ago. The page says only I will be able to see it. And if they can I do intend to delete the history which appears to go back into infinity in a couple days. So, if people behind other computer screens are unable to see what I posted I’ll share this much less revealing list of my history which I copied from my Google search history. I simply shows the search terms I used but not the actual links I visited:

Visited Google Search
9:49 AM • Details
Logo for Search
10:19 PM • Details
Logo for Search
Searched for heiress scaife times
10:19 PM • Details • ?
Logo for Search
10:05 PM • Details
Logo for Search
Searched for Park College George Robb Center for the study of the great war
10:05 PM • Details • ?
Logo for Search
Searched for Park College George Rob Center
10:04 PM • Details • ?
Logo for Search
Searched for how many companies in an infantry battalion
10:00 PM • Details • ?
Logo for Search Continue reading


I’ll be deleting the most interesting link in this post in a couple days but for my eight loyal readers I will share this deep dive into what I look for online. I found my search history when Google sent me some info to reassure their hundreds of Google dependents that their search history function is not intended to make them vulnerable to predatory businesses and the forces of darkness. I wasn’t particularly concerned about that. I spend very little time going places that embarrass me and I’m pretty resistant to commerce and paranoia online.

This nonchalance was not always the case. Ten to fifteen years ago I did visit a sampling of porno sites partly for natural curiosity and partly for prurient interest. I was mostly repelled and incredulous by what I found in them. I learned a lot about how much personal indelicacy some people were willing to share online either voluntarily or through trickery. There is a reason that Hollywood spends millions of dollars to shoot sex scenes with hundreds of techies at hand to make it look appetizing. I doubt if any of the people sharing their home sex movies understood the potential future reach of the Internet’s technology and anticipated that it could one day identify them based on a massive database of faces. “Jimmy, I just did a data base search on Mommy’s face and OMG look at this!!!!”

Back in the day I typically erased my search history after skulking through porno sites. I haven’t bothered to erase this history for better than a decade.

The last search of mine that sounds anything like porno was a quest for people doing “naked cartwheels.” I wanted to draw a humorous graphic for my last column in the Reader before hanging up my pulpit to run for the School Board.

As I said I’ll erase my search history in a couple of days. I have no idea if it opens up more ways for meanies to mess with me. But I’m just a small fly in the ointment now, not a President with a leaky ****hole above his chin. Take a brief look at the stuff I’ve looked up on Google.

Sorry. I deleted this. All heck broke loose on my computer after I published this. It may be coincidence But I am not inclined to take chances.

Congressman Stauber, Congressman Tlaib

Pete just came back from Israel where the Netanyahu government gave him the keys to the Kingdom. He loved it.

Meanwhile his sugar daddy Trump ordered Netty to bar two of Stauber’s Congressional colleagues from traveling to Israel and he did.

Not long ago I offered one of the Congresswomen my Sympathy. That was Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar. Now I offer my sympathies to Congresswoman Tlaib who will miss seeing her 90 year old grandmother in Palestine.

Once again I will share my witness of a trip three years ago to Israel and Palestine. I saw a few things that Congressman Stauber was steered away from. Here’s a picture I took while on my trip.

I wrote about it for the Duluth Reader: here!

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…

The Niagara of menacing information from across the world much of it owing to Donald Trump could leave a person exhausted and disoriented. I’ve been stockpiling stories for the blog sometime when I have time to share them. In the meantime I refuse to cower or panic. And this morning I was reminded of Rudyard Kipling’s advice to a boy on becoming a man which, like all good advice from the heyday of masculinity, I apply to all genders in his poem “If” Hemmingway’s definition of courage, “grace under pressure” also fits my attitude.


I think that when I wrote this term down in my outline I had hot button issues in mind. They are Trump’s secret weapon as he changes messages every other day when he wants to change the headlines in a tweet. I’m keeping my eye on Trump

Trump’s side has made the terms liberal and conservative meaningless. I have always considered myself both in the same way I chose the best ideas from Democratic and Republican planks. Its been a long time since the Republican plank had anything on it of much interest. Its hard to take a political party seriously when they are locked in a closet like Patty Hearst and overtaken by Stockholm Syndrome.

Just twenty years ago before the disappointment of the 2001 Rapture disappointment the Party’s drivers were all looking forward to God stripping them naked and ushering good Christians to Heaven leaving their clothes behind for we sinners to goggle at. Then Christians discovered Michelle Bachmann and a form of Christianity that would have left Jesus of Nazareth wishing he could climb down from the cross and just wash his hands of his latter day worshipers.

But end of times stories have become a staple of Science Fiction. I’ve enjoyed watching the first season of the Umbrella Academy for the last week with my grandsons. The super kids in this story are doing their best to prevent Earth’s destruction.

I apologize. When I woke up this morning all of these points were fused together brilliantly. Now not so much. I did as I wrote…I studied French. Read the NY Times. Served food at the Soup Kitchen before writing this post. A lot of other stuff filled up my head.

“Committee-of-one run by Harry Welty his own darned self”

I completely forgot that I ordered some ads in the Duluth Reader a couple weeks ago. So, when I sought out a stack of this week’s issue to thumb through, I was surprised and delighted to see one of them on page 49.

I’ve gotta tell you. Five long hot days removing storms, scraping old paint, repainting putting up new storms one after the other under an intense sun on heavy to hoist scaffolding left me exhausted even though we finished our Summer’s goal well before noon today. Not only was I tired but I was bummed because my French streak had been lost. It took great effort today to start a new streak again. And four unread News Tribunes awaited me and more fascinating but unread NY Times stories than you can shake a stick at. I was like the butcher who sat on the meat grinder – behind in my work. I was at low ebb……..

…….until page 49!

Now I’m raring to start writing again. I’m not completely off the good deed hook. I will be serving at the Damiano Soup Kitchen tomorrow but I will also get our refrigerator out of my dining room. New kitchen appliances are coming tomorrow and we will have a real kitchen again for the first time in two months. And who knows. with this ad in the Reader maybe someone other than my loyal brother will make an online purchase of my in process book. I hope so. Now I’ve got to pay for Reader ads too………… hopefully not “by my own darned self.”

And check out too while you are at it.

Three old codgers at work

I’m too busy to get Alzheimers. I started 2019 nursing Claudia who joined the zipper club. Fretting about Donald Trump and mulling over a second run against one of his Trumplicans. Planning a campaign to return to the Duluth School Board. Starting a book, one of about five or six I see a clear path to writing. Clearing out my kitchen in preparation for a renovation which has left our old refrigerator standing in our dining room for the last month. Studying French daily. Working my tuckus off gardening without the full assistance of my garden boss. Oh yeah and replacing almost 100 storm windows on my church.

You can see me on the upper right of this Facebook photo. I’m wearing my old Let Duluth Vote shirt which has been a paint shirt for the past few years. I’m the youngster in this trio. I’ve got sixteen months till I turn 70. Mark in the center only has two months to go and Mike on the other side has made it to 77. The other couple helpers we’ve had are also in the same age vicinity including the Mike’s bride, Linda, who took the picture yesterday.

Tomorrow will be my last day at this work until the cool of September when we will tackle another nine of the windows. After that we will probably hire professionals rather than put up five levels of scaffolding. None of us bounce as well as we did sixty years ago.

Tomorrow I’ll put in my fourth day in a row – fifth day out of the last six installing four more and taking down the staging. In the cool of September we may replace nine more leaving us about twenty left to do – the really dangerous ones.

I’ve slept well fortified with advil the last three nights but I just woke up. I crashed at a little after seven tonight, too early, and I was out of sorts. I have just managed to keep my streak of daily french studies going for over 304 days until today. I started at the church at seven this morning and left at 4:30 completely forgetting my French. When a couple hours after my french software’s deadline had past I was not happy. My aim is to learn French not keep up some arbitrary streak but still. Like winning public office, or writing a book I intend to learn to speak French at seventy! Maybe even before!!

A few book orders (donations) are still trickling in from the early June fundraising letter I sent out. I only sent out about 125 letters that weren’t returned by the postal service for changed addresses. I am not quite at a quarter of the sales I need to pay for the book’s printing. I hope the fundraising/campaign letter I’ll be sending out early next week will put me over the top or get me close. That will go to about 2,000 2nd District voters. I’ll need to raise more than book printing costs. I will still have another 10,000 District voters to send my letter too at not quite 50 cents per letter. That’s $5,000 for mailing and $3,000 for printing a book. I’ll probably hand deliver most of them to save on postage.

I haven’t had time to blog much recently. But that may be a blessing. I wonder if my frequent inundation of words doesn’t sometimes overwhelm my eight loyal readers. In checking out my visitor stats tonight I was pleased to see that over 9 percent of my 12,000 visits since August began have lasted over half an hour. I believe my book will be every bit as readable as my blog.

There was just one thing I regret not finding time for this week. Bill Rees sent in a nyaa, nyaa, nyaa, letter to the Duluth Reader on the issue of gun control. I only read his last paragraph that chided gun control advocates for not caring about black Americans who are the most likely to die by gun violence. Mr. Rees wondered if these goody-two-shoes weren’t racist as he assumed they were only concerned about white victims…….although Bill didn’t seem to be all that worried about black victims either. The accusation was just a cheap talking point.

That galled me because fifteen or twenty years ago I wrote a letter to the Trib about gun violence. This was before school shootings had become a weekly event. I don’t have very good access to things I filed away that long ago but I do recall that my letter was directed at the indifference of Second Amendment worshipers, like Rees. I criticized them for their indifference to the appallingly high gun violence in urban centers. And Bill Rees was one of the folks to write a letter disagreeing with my take on what the Constitution had to say about our promiscuous gun ownership. It appeared to me that Bill thought that inner city gun deaths were a small price to pay to secure our gun ownership rights.

Yeah Bill. I do think black lives matter every bit as much as white lives. That’s what I wish I had been able to back up with the old texts in a letter to the Duluth Reader. Oh well, my eight loyal readers got to hear me vent.

How about a book?

What I originally woke up to write about at 2AM

My Grandson got a kindly and accurate nod in this generous review:

I was at the performance and was amply rewarded. I would have been even without the family connection but that made it all the sweeter. Leaving the closet, sex, suicide, all in a fun home or funeral home if you want to be funereal about it; that’s what it was all about.

The production isn’t really recommended for a young audience but there were some youngsters in the audience including my other grandson. I think there is a temptation to shield children from the facts of life. Farm kids used to see their mothers wringing chicken necks for the Sunday dinner. That wasn’t a bad thing.

I woke up with a lot more to say about this but Helter Skelter distracted me.

Today’s version of Helter Skelter?

I never read Helter Skelter although I recall Mother Jones News or Rolling Stone running a shortened version of it back in the day. I read enough of that to supplement the coverage in the news. Many years later I read something from somebody who interviewed Manson in prison. The story from the interviewer showed some skepticism of the prosecutors who put all the blame on Charlie. The skepticism seemed warranted but in hindsight I suspect that Manson was simply pulling the wool over yet one more person’s eyes. Still, I haven’t revisited the Manson story other than to catch news stories of parole hearings for his imprisoned followers though the years with all the swastikas self carved onto their foreheads. Do I still think there is a partical of truth to the prison story Manson was pedaling that he was simply a small part of the Manson commune and that there was someone else who was the real brains behind all the killing? Naw.

I just bumped into this story about Manson’s youngest groupie who thought she had escaped the story only to be pulled back into it forty years later. Manson was guilty as sin.

Charlie’s “magnetism” was part of the acid dropping era. Luckily, his pull was confined to some small parcels of California’s back woods. Its worth remembering that entire nations can get caught up in the delusions of someone with a good sales pitch. Charlie isn’t the only Messiah to have inspired the ignorant with his visions of a race war. But that megaphone has been placed in the tiny hands of our nation’s Chief of State. And he has fans as addled as the Manson Girls. Ex Congresswomen Bachmann says we will never see a more Godly President than Donald Trump.

Forty years from now Michele may be remembered as our Era’s version of a Manson girl. There is one difference however. Michele isn’t a teenager from a broken family.

An observation about that last post

There are eight or so comments on the News Tribune’s story about Principal Sconiers Administrative Leave in their Facebook Page.

Sorry about that link. It takes you to the story not the Facebook mention with comments.

Eight replies isn’t enough to make a judgement but they were all negative. I can’t recall a lot of contrary opinions shared with me over the last half dozen years. I recall a few that echo these sentiments.

But the number of people responding to the post on the Trib’s comment section is far short of some other their other stories. That’s worth remembering. People with the strongest opinions are the first to jump on a dogpile.

“Illegal Actions”

My wife read today’s banner headline story about the Principal of Denfeld being placed on “Administrative Leave.”

She wondered why Ms. Sconiers was only placed on Administrative Leave six weeks after she hired an attorney to “investigate” illegal actions by the District. Goodness Gracious! That sounded pretty suspicious on the District’s part. Payback maybe????? Then, when I went to replace storm windows at church an hour later one of the crew wondered the very same thing.

Well, writing as the KING of investigating suspicious things about our School District I’m not overawed that a school principal under fire would want to be the first to fire a shot over the opposition’s bow. That’s what her claim of investigating the District is. Its served its purpose well by thowing suspicion on the District………a District which I must admit has been infamous for bad decision making.

While the public sits back waiting for another shoe to drop I’ll confess that I’ve heard rumors going back not six weeks but more like 12 weeks that the Denfeld Principal had flown a little too close to the sun with wax wings. Whatever the concerns have been, Ms. Sconiors has certainly turned the tables trust-wise on the Superintendent and his supportive School Board.

I’ve been in that position myself as a school board member. I just ran across an old letter I saved from the Tribune’s columnist on high-minded platitudes, Tom Wheeler. (I’m still awaiting any comment from him about the current President of the United States.) Back in 2003 Mr. Wheeler’s wrote me asking pointed questions about why a paragon of hockey virtue should be relieved of his coaching duties. Coincidentally, that subject will be a chapter in the book I’m offering for sale to finance my campaign for the School Board.

There will likely be a chapter on race relations as well. And it’s a chapter that keeps getting bigger and bigger. See the previous post to purchase a book.

Shoot self in foot Syndrome – DFL Style

Next year Joe Radinovich should be poised to replace Congressman Pete Stauber. Instead the big shot DFLer’s on the Iron Range shot him in the foot in their eagerness to give him a glorious sinecure until the campaign rolled around. They killed their best candidate to remove a Trumplican from Congress. Today the DNT reported that Joe has decided not to be the DFL candidate.

I suppose its too early to give up on the Democrats. Donald Trump is making hash of America and its values with the middle fingers he’s planted around the White House. I haven’t mentioned my inclination to challenge Pete Stauber in the GOP primary for a couple months but its on my mind. If I successfully sell my book about my experiences with Public Education I’ll have even more time to write a book to finance a Congressional Campaign on my experiences with the Republican Party shooting America in the head. Thank you Wayne Lapierre.

But first I have a school board campaign to win. To be clear. I expect to finish my four year-term on the school board. But if a lot of Democrats had just one candidate running against Pete Stauber in 2020 and they wanted to vote for an old fashioned Eisenhower or Teddy Roosevelt or Abe Lincoln Republican instead of a supporter of the gold leaf covered turd currently rewriting the Constitution I’d be happy to take those votes.

BTW – If you want to help my with my school board race I’ve made progress on my book. Feel free to put in an order for it. I’ve sold almost one forth of what I need to pay for the printing costs. A little help?

Just fifteen dollars although I’d appreciate it if you added a bit more so I could also pay for new lawn signs and mailing costs.

Returning the favor to Alanna

I don’t know what that gibberish is at the bottom of this post. I hoped it would take you to my campaign Facebook page. I put a newspaper from October 14, 1986 on Facebook page Harry Welty Give’m Helty. It was turned in by Alanna Rogers (now School Board member Alanna Oswald)

You see Alanna kindly put a picture of my good wishes to her in her yearbook page. In my good wishes I commented that Alanna was a lot smarter than I am. She still is……..probably. So, I thought I’d do Alanna a good turn and display her newspaper for 1986 that was handed out too all my classes. It was something my Geography teacher, Mr. Just, used to do when I was in eighth grade. Only I did him one better by making my students publish the paper for the day they were assigned. This is Alanna and a couple other classmates work.

The official source for all the blather of the eccentric Harry Welty – Duluth School Board member, off and on, since 1995. He does his best to live up to Mark Twain's assessment: "First God created the idiot. That was for practice. Then he invented the School Board."