Napoleon – lessons to learn

I bought this book for three reasons and paid full price at the Musee de l’armee in Paris where Napoleon is buried in a magnificent gaudy display. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn about the emperor to buy it for this price plus three bucks shipping. Its an excellent short but comprehensive and […]

Bon Voyage

For two years I’ve been salivating over the prospect of traveling across the battlefields that my Grandfather fought on one hundred years ago. For nine months I’ve studied French the language and read about France the nation. For five months I’ve known the route I would travel across France and then I continued doggedly to […]

Wake up call – part 2 (now completed)

I’m still practicing French and then I’ll probably start reading the best history of the bloodiest battle in American Military History the Meuse Argonne. Its the battle that led to my Grandfather’s receiving the Medal of Honor. Last night I rewatched the masterful summary of World War I on PBS. So, I’m in no rush […]

What to scribble?

The Reader did publish my column. I began it by writing a bit about the Reader’s publisher Bob Boone. I wondered if that might lead to its being scotched but no, Bob is a big boy and could manage the tiny bit of scrutiny I directed his way. Although to be honest, calling Bob “distracted” […]

Trifecta Schmrifecta

Posts that began in my head over a week before but which become placeholders for me to finish are a pain. Life goes on and so does my attention. I am not only watching the developments in the School District campaign ahead but in China and in the ongoing Trumpaloonia. And the books that I’ve […]

The wrong lessons from our history

Donald Trump reads no books. His history is heavy with whatever lessons he learned at someone’s knees about the America First Committee which had no appetite for confronting Nazi Germany. His minions have raised the example of the internment of Japanese American Citizens in World War II as an example of how we might deal […]

Topeka homecoming

In 2002 I visited my old Topeka home with my Mother just as Alzheimers was beginning to intrude into her life. I asked her to drive me around town to show me the seven houses her family moved to, one each year, for the first seven years her father was the Kansas State Auditor. I […]

Breach Birth of a Nation

There was an article on the movie title turned on its ear “Birth of a Nation” in yesterday’s DNT. The original “Birth” gave birth to modern Hollywood and also helped rebirth the Ku Klux Klan. DW. Griffith’s movie was unlike any movie audiences had ever seen and it made unprecedented scads of money. Think Star […]


At least three of my priorities are done now. The first was simply putting yesterday’s post in the blog. A second was catching up on my January resolve to read at least a page of the Bible a day. I’d brought the NIV with me last week with my Grandsons but just never had the […]