How I solve Jigsaw Puzzles

Every year since my children were little Claudia and I have tried to find a jigsaw puzzle to put together around the Christmas Season. Most of them have been purchased on vacations and show something related to our travels. Last year I bought two while we traveled in the Badlands. One at Mt. Rushmore depicted […]


Yesterday I completed my 67th orbit of the Sun. We took our grandsons to hunt down a suitable Christmas tree outside of town along the Homestead Road. We found one that was unable to elude our hand saw. Its a very pretty and prickly blue spruce. Ornaments will have to be put on with gloves. […]

Christmas Puzzling

I have four jigsaw puzzles to put together this Xmas season. Here’s the first of four puzzles I acquired in my travels this year: I bought it at Kansas City’s marvelous World War One Museum last February when I went there to listen to a lecture about my Grandfather’s experience in the War. Its been […]

Staring into the Abyss

I began our Christmas jigsaw puzzle tonight. 1000 pieces of a painting by the artist Thomas Moran. One of his paintings convinced Congress to establish Zion National Park. This is a jigsaw of his painting of the Grand Canyon. Claudia got the full edge put together while I sorted pieces by color. We’ve been buying […]