Before the Vermin Debates Pt 1

I’ve been hell bent on straightening out America’s Gordian knot since I first separated from the Republican Party in 1992 and ran as what I called the Perot Choice candidate. Put “perot choice” in the blog’s search function and I’m sure you will find something. I’ve rarely voted for a Republican since then except for myself when I ran for the Minnesota Legislature twice The state senate in 2000 and House of Representatives in 2002 I think. The last Republican I could get enthusiastic about was a compromised choice John McCain in 2000 but he washed out in South Carolina when the burn the land to the ground Bush forces robocalled every Republican voter in the state and informed them that McCain had fathered a black child. You can read this in a couple of my past Reader columns. And this from a Christian candidate now the party has mutated to an even life form Donald Trump who talks about others as vermin.

So I decided to continue my age old experimentation to tape myself calling our Congressman Pete Stauber out and taunt him into hiding from my calls for him to debate me.

But, as so often happens with me, I began to think about some of my reading which led to the thought to spend an hour writing a blog post about books I have been and am in the process of reading…….That led me to lay out some of my books on our 16th President the man who defined what it was to be a Republican even if he can’t quite be called the founder of one of the half dozen political parties that were trying to come up for air as America spiraled towards civil war.

So I looked through my book shelves for Lincoln books and decided to lay them out to take a photo of them as I do for the many jigsaw puzzles I put together at Christmas. But after the first picture I thought of more books salted away elsewhere than my “lincoln shelf.”

This picture represents the ones I could find including a few on the times of Lincoln that also give his life context. There are others. I recently heard Steve Inskeep reading his recent book on Lincoln which I’ve highly recommended elsewhere on the blog. I have been tempted to buy a copy to put on my shelves but I’ll probably wait to buy it used. Cheaper that way.

I’ve told Claudia that I’d help her make cranberry sauce for our Thanksgiving dinner so I stop here and come back later when she goes off to give a friend a ride.

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