Staring into the Abyss
I began our Christmas jigsaw puzzle tonight. 1000 pieces of a painting by the artist Thomas Moran. One of his paintings convinced Congress to establish Zion National Park. This is a jigsaw of his painting of the Grand Canyon. Claudia got the full edge put together while I sorted pieces by color. We’ve been buying puzzles from locales we’ve vacationed at for about ten years. After the election in November we traveled all over the Colorado Plateau. When I wasn’t in clinics with a face mask or on the phone talking to attorneys and bankers to complete a short sale I was leaning against the window of our car emptying out Kleenex boxes while my better half drove me all over Utah, Colorado and Arizona.

This afternoon we took the afternoon off and went to the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was very droll. We treated ourselves to lunch before the movie and my Red Plan counterpart, Mimi Larson, stopped by our table. She asked how my book was coming along. I told her I’d been busy, which is true, and said I was still working on getting our $100,000 bond back. I thought this would have been worked out a month ago when we ..oops….. Sorry. We only get one crack at a press release and this might count.

I’ve been collecting samples of Howie Hanson’s help in promoting the Red Plan. Golly, If my side had done just a little better this election maybe I could collect a couple thousand for my help posting info on the web. I suppose this post election spoils stuff will have to be squeezed into an epilogue.

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