Using the District’s email to politic

The DFT President Frank Wanner has reportedly sent an email to all teachers telling them to vote for the maximum levy. I believe that this a clear use of District facilities to play politics. Of course, in the day of the “yellow rag” as the administrators fondly called the teacher union’s newsletter Frank could have done the same thing and that was distributed to teachers on the school district’s time and premises.

Like many others Frank is beginning to panic at the prospect of the levy failing and causing a catastrophe. Frank sat on the original LRFP group that gave us the Red Plan. He signed off on the Red Plan but he also reportedly attended very few meetings. It’s a little late for him to start paying attention.

What a change of heart where operational levies are concerned. In 1997 when we pushed a levy to buy new books for libraries, new computers, a down payment for Public School Stadium repairs and elementary specialists Frank refused to endorse it at all. He wanted the money in the paychecks of teachers instead.

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