Another Echo from World War I

Park College in Parkville, MO which has named created a center for World War I after their distinguished alumni, and my Grandfather, George S. Robb is studying whether African American soldiers were denied the highest military honor because of race. (Your damn right they were.) Here’s a nice story announcing the beginning of this research.

Twelve Gallon Excuse…..for not blogging

I donated my 96th pint of blood at Memorial Blood Center Yesterday. That’s twelve gallons. I plan to write a Reader column about this aspect of my civic mindedness when I’ve hit the 100th donation. I still get twitchy feet doing it but I’ve greatly improved over the little boy who threw a fit the […]

The Game of Life

Yesterday I spent the morning and afternoon with my first grade grandson. He was sick. His Mom brought some games over to our house for us to play with him including “The Game of Life.” Other than having Homer Simpson characters all over the gameboard and playing cards it was the same game I was […]

Family Research in KC

This is the view I had of the Missouri River as I headed into Kansas City MO after spending the morning researching more about my Grandfather Robb at his small college. I learned to today that he sent a letter to the President of the college during World War two encouraging him to accept Nisei […]

Armistice Day

No caps here. I need a short break from ISD 709 before I return to the CAPS. This one will be more like Taps. Last week I wanted to remark upon the remarkable display that the British had set up at the Tower of London to commemorate the 800,000 fallen soldiers from World War I. […]

Armistice Day

I’ve been in KCMO for the past couple days. Here’s the scoop in brief. My Grandfather George Robb was honored on November 10th at his old alma mater Park College, now University. Grandfather won the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions in World War 1. (Google George Robb and Harry Welty if you’re curious) […]

Family Gossip

I got a flurry of email yesterday concerning a proposal to set up a center for the history of World War I, named after my Grandfather George Seanor Robb, at his alma mater Park College. I forwarded the email to eight siblings and cousins for their feedback. It would be an honor. The Center would […]