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Today in the Reader- David Brooks is Wrong…

…Will Rogers Had it Right

It begins:

Last week I began sleeping well for the first time since Donald Trump became a Presidential contender. The powerful summation by Congressman Schiff, “Shifty” to the “Lock-her-up-crowd,” comforted me. Then David Brooks the eminently reasonable PBS News Hour pundit wrote off a second Trump victory. Brooks said too many Americans don’t want a Trump Presidency for four more years, never mind a hot economy.

I know better.

Emperor Xi, Tsar Putin, King Trump and George Washington

Perhas the most unsurprising but appalling news yesterday came from Russia. In one way I miss the Soviet Union. Other than its delusional infatuation with ownershiplessness the idea of Monarchialism didn’t seem to match its communist rhetoric. Of Course Papa Joe had to die in office while his timid heirs kept rescuers at bay until they were sure he was dead. But he wasn’t a king. He was simply a despot who only gave up his scepter when it was pried from his cold dead fingers.

Sorry I got carried away. Yes. The news. The Ruskies have proposed a new law which extends Putin’s rule which he already had extend once. He’s a tsar now. Not long ago “reformist” Xi Jinping was handed a guarantee of never ending Chinese leadership. As for Trump. Here’s his tweet for a forever Presidency.

Trump is besotted/envious of dictators who have no restraints placed on them. How different George Washington was a man who could lay claim to being one of the wealthiest Americans of his day. He would have been closer to Bloomberg than Trump.

Washington was reluctant to become President. Began a precedent that was followed without any laws requiring of stepping down after a second term which continued until FDR ran for a third term as America braced itself for the Second World War.

Not that Donald Trump knows anything about that war. As he flew into Hawaii for a ceremony at Pearl Harbor he apparently asked his astonished chief-of-staff John Kelly what the deal was with the Pearl Harbor stuff. Just the man to lead us into a war if he manages to pull it off with Iran.

BTW – this book review covers the growth of unnamed witness in covering Trump. That makes sense in a day when not a single Republican congressman was left to vote for the impeachment of the President because the GOP has stacked the deck in all of their districts so that any dissent will bring about their defeat by a party they have tailored into group think.

At least Washington knew something about war. No bone spurs, just real ones.

Meet the new member of the “no evil” clan

If you couldn’t tell it by looking at my friend here, he’s pinching his nose tight. He’s not alone on my front yard. His older siblings are each keeping evil at bay in their own ways. Ostriches are far more efficient. They accomplish all this unwelcome stimulation by sticking their heads in the sand. This is the new Trumplican Party.

It is impeachment season but the Democrats are permitted to act on their consciences when it comes time to vote. This wasn’t good enough for one New Jersey Democrat. Representative Van Drew is switching parties even though Nancy Pelosi isn’t enforcing a pro-impeachment vote. The Congressman may not end up benefiting from his party switching. First off six of his staff members quit. Next, the GOP has made it known that they may not want him as their Congressman. Several Republicans have been circling his district planning to run against him.

As for the GOP side of the House there was not so much as a lone wolf baying at the President’s duplicitous ways. That’s a far cry from the ferocity with which Republicans took after Bill Clinton who posed no threat to our nation’s security….just to pretty young women with crushes on Bubba.

There has never been a time in our nation’s history until now that one President held the genitals of every member of his party in Congress in his hands or rather in the hands of the voters trained by the Republican party to rid themselves of independent thinkers in primaries. Today’s march-in-step Republican philosophy comes straight from the mouth of Donald Trump. It is the “group think” that Orwell wrote about although there seems to be little thinking involved just vigorous head bobbing.

Now its all fingers in ears, eyes closed and shouts of “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA I can’t hear you!” And, as you can plainly see from the convention being held in my front yard, even the stink of the Grand Old Party’s corpse has been banished.

If God ordained Trump King…

…it was to humble the arrogance of today’s golden calf worshipers in the evangelical church.

This is one of many stray thoughts while shoveling out of “snowmegeddon” the closest to hell I ever expect to be after four years of Donald Trump proving that Americans are as prone to moneychanging at the Temple as any other people besotted with Satan’s snake oil.

Fiona Hill for President

Sadly her birth in England prevents her from becoming a candidate.

After Sondland – who can’t remember ever mentioning Biden but can remember (and I believe him here) that the President demanded that the new Ukrainian President had to smear Joe Biden’s son – I had to watch the beginning of today’s Intelligence Committee hearing. I listened to Devin Nunes drone on like a kindergartner about the Democrat’s impeachment as I drove my grandsons to school. My older grandson listened in and I hope he wasn’t contaminated by Devin’s traitorous bullshit.

I just remembered Nunes, when he was in charge, spending 3 years investigating the sham that was Bengazi. And before him Tom Delay, now in a Texas Prison, whose Republicans couldn’t wait to get six digit jobs in the swamp of Gucci Gulch and before him, Newt Gingrich, who began the trivialization of presidential impeachments by chasing after randy Bill Clinton for having consensual semi-sex with a 22-year old woman. What a cavalcade of crap so far removed from Lincolns Better Angels and Reagan’s shining city on a hill.

So, as I was watching Fiona eviscerate the Republicans for motorboating Putin’s ass I got an email from an old high school friend. She had just discovered my post on Trump nuzzling Rudy Guilani’s fake breasts (someone call Fake News!!!!) Like me, she had never heard of motorboarding. She also noted that she watched yesterday’s hearings but muted Congressman Nunes. I wrote back and said I couldn’t wait to hear him question Fiona who I expected would “tear him a new one.” Then the whole nation can motorboat Nunes’ improved nether regions on national television.

Why Trump and the GOP have made impeaching Trump more important than …

… than defeating him in the 2020 election.

NOTE: I don’t say removal from office. If the Republicans want to continue their journey to becoming the party of John Wilkes Booth they can own it by turning their backs on Trump’s abandonment of law and order.

After the Mueller Report I opposed proceeding with impeachment despite what seemed like good cause. But the President’s new Attorney General and the Republicans managed to snuff out the public’s confidence in Trump’s provable crimes. Then it seemed an election was the best method of removing Trump.

It may well be that the Republican Senators will once again save their sorry arses from the sepis of the Trumplican party. They have good cause to fear today’s Republican primary voters who resemble the pod people in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. They will not, however, escape from the world’s condemnation for snuffing out Ronald Reagan’s “shining city on the hill.”

Here’s how Andrew Sullivan put it in his column today:

“He (Trump) has opened up not a divide between right and left so much as a divide over whether the American system of government is legitimate or illegitimate. And that is why I don’t want to defeat Trump in an election, because that would suggest that his assault on the truth, on the Constitution, and on the rule of law is just a set of policy decisions that we can, in time, reject. It creates a precedent for future presidents to assault the legitimacy of the American government, constrained only by their ability to win the next election. In fact, the only proper constitutional response to this abuse of executive power is impeachment. I know I’ve said this before. But on the eve of public hearings, it is vital to remember it.”

Luke 12: 34

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Although I am a poor substitute for a professing Christian in our church choir I do like the weekly reminder of the call of Jesus of Nazareth. In Acts there is the story of one of his followers after the Resurection when his followers formed communes to share all their goods. One of them, Annanias, lied to Peter and to God about how much he was withholding from the community. Peter knew better and said: ” “Why is it that Satan has so filled your heart that you have lied to the Holy Spirit?” Annanias died on the spot.

Donald Trump, who is famous for bragging about his wealth, cheating on his taxes, getting hold of his inheritance before his father Fred was willing to hand it over, failing to make charitable contributions he promised to make while cheating the contractors who built his empire and the students who attended his colleges, should remember that its reported the same St. Peter, who said that Annanias was filled with Satan, guards the entrance to heaven. What are Trump’s chances?

Elsewhere in the Bible Jesus tells the rich young man that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. Of course, like so much in the Bible this is cherry picked out by the prosperity gospel preachers who believe great wealth is a sign of God’s favor. I tend to agree more with Balzac’s observation: “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.”

Back in the seventies a lot of TV preachers with their Lear Jets and mansions got tossed in prison for their misuse of church funds. That doesn’t happen so much any more and many of them are richer than ever. No wonder they have come to the conclusion that Donald Trump has the “mandate of heaven.” There’s not much more Jesus in their Churches than there is Lincoln in the Grand Old Party.

So true. People who suffered under Obama were hostages to planet Fox

8 years of suffering under Barack Obama

The sentence I hear most from well-meaning, conservative friends since President Trump’s election is this: “We suffered 8 years under Barack Obama.”

Fair enough. Let’s take a look.

The day Obama took office, the Dow closed at 7,949 points. Eight years later, the Dow had almost tripled. Continue reading

Lock him up

Historians may conclude that Donald Trump’s four year reign of ego cost the Earth precious years to halt its pell mell race to destruction. Added to this I suspect most will conclude his presidency also will have set United States back precipitously. Among the things lost could be the confidence of the rest of the world that our founding fathers knew what they were doing in gambling on democracy.

Or, maybe America will realize its gamble on chaos demonstrated that we would be better off treating each other as the decent people most ardent Democrats and Republicans really are. If that happens… If the Rush Limbaughs and Fox talking heads are given the cold shoulder…. Just maybe America can come back stronger with Donald Trump and his clown car in our collective rear view mirrors. I just have one caveat. DONALD TRUMP, IF FOUND GUILTY, SHOULD BE LOCKED UP LIKE RUDOLF HESS IN HIS OWN PRIVATE PRISON.This would be both just and fair since he led the chants of locking up Hillary Clinton. Justice should be poetic.

I have always tread lightly on the subject of impeachment. Andrew Johnson a much more honest man was impeached. The Supreme Court and Historians generally concluded that his trial was bogus. I have come to think that just maybe his trial had merit but, nevertheless, I agree wiyh JFK’s assessment that the Republican Senators who voted not to remove him were brave and heroic.

Nixon would have been impeached but he left office to avoid it and the subsequent trial in the US Senate. Trump is said to be looking at stepping down too but, if so, it may be too late for that. Without the Presidency and the legal theory that argues that a President can’t be found guilty….at least by ordinary courts….private citizen Trump could be inundated with all manner of criminal trials. He would find it much harder to avoid losing post presidency notwithstanding his billions of dollars.

I was sorry that America held a grudge against President Ford for pardoning Nixon. I thought sending Nixon to prison would cause a terrible hatred to grow between Democrats and Republicans. I was wrong. Those divisions were sewn by the next generation of political mad men. Proof of that biliousness was just two decades off. It showed its ugly face when Republicans decided that lying to a jury about having sex with an intern was a “high crime and misdemeanor.” Compared to that travesty Donald Trump has wrapped himself in a web of deceit so tightly that he can no longer extricate himself.

Donald Trump should be tried honestly and if found guilty locked up. His crimes are so numerous and so onerous that no future candidate for the US Presidency should have any doubts that the Presidency would protect them from Donald Trump’s level of misbehavior.

Until now I was afraid impeachment might backfire on the impeachers. Now I would consider the Congress derelict if it failed to prosecute Trump even though the discovery phase of his trial/trials is barely out of the starting gate.

Black and White, good and evil, Democrat and Republican, America Divided

When I was born in the glow of the post WW II years there was a much smaller difference between our two political parties. Gone, but not forgotten, were the anti-Roosevelt, anti-New Deal Republicans. The war had taken Depression boys and girls and plunged them into a great and uniting war that would be remembered fondly ever after as the “Good War.” Everyone (who was white) was now an equal, political affiliation be damned.

The differences between the parties were subtle as I grew up. I took pride in not being a Democrat stuck with the solid South’s Keep the N’s down politics. Not that Republicans were that fanatical about sticking up for black citizen’s rights. They had already established a long record of diffidence about extending Lincoln’s magnanimity and fighting to enforce the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments that their radical forebears in Congress had passed. By the Gilded Age, (the 1890’s) a time not unlike our own, Republicans shrugged their shoulders and decided that nobody could do anything about the South anyway. What followed was a mostly cozy fifty years of going along to get along and get along without helping black America. Black America suffered terribly.

This very cool graphic begins in the 1950’s when America had two political parties ruling Congress with congressman who didn’t hate each other.

But the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s brought about big social changes. the Fifties saw the birth of a new Civil Rights Era ignited by African Americans and President Lyndon Johnson going turncoat on the South leading to black citizens finally being guaranteed the right to vote in the South. That prompted southerners to break away into a Dixiecrat Party that couldn’t go anywhere and, by the sixties through the eighties, a flood of southern democrats. They took over the GOP like parasites taking over an ant’s brain and forced it to rely on the Solid South’s old habit of suppressing black voters. The current Supreme Court is the realization of that long standing policy.

As the Republicans began to morph they pointed to the Democrats with their young anti-war converts and accused Democrats of being the party of single-interest issues. Pro woman, Pro black, Pro Gay, pro environment etc., meaning the party of division. What you can see in this graphic is that in the early years of 1980’s, the Reagan Years, the two parties began to drift farther and farther apart. The nation wasn’t yet at the point where a boy and girl with different political inclinations would find it impossible to marry but those day were coming.

The Republicans who had accused the Democrats of putting single interests above the nation helped expand new hot button separatists to promote gun ownership, fight abortion, curtail immigration and keep sexual “deviance” illegal.

After Reagan, in the 90’s, Republican Reagan worshipers conveniently forgot his exhortation to keep the GOP a party of the “Big Tent.” Instead the party’s hacks and purists found it convenient to whip up their single interest factions to go out and punish wishy-washy moderates like me (AKA RINO’s – Republicans in Name Only). It made no difference how many generations their families had been affiliated with the party. Treated now as apostates they had to defer to their new Republican masters who were descended from families that had hated Abraham Lincoln. And in one lamentable irony these new southern-led, ex-Democrat, Republicans would taunt Democrats for being the party of Slavery.

For a decade or two, even as these take-over artists demonized closeted, moderate congressman, Moderates remained until new blue-collar converts, who had lost jobs to the Republicans push for Free Trade, turned on them under Donald Trump. The Republican Party, once a champion of “the rule of law,” is now weighing whether to turn on the Constitution to save their tweeting President or act honorably which could cost them control of the elective branches of the Federal Government. (The Supreme Court is their’s until the Arctic melts)

This question was settled for me in Junior High when I read John Kennedy’s slim history “Profiles in Courage.” Sadly, courage has not been a big part of the Republican Party for a long time. It may have died with John McCain.

The Party of Lincoln metastasizes

The “Deep State” that so many right wing broadcasters rant about isn’t really a communist-like threat from the left. The Popular Front was strangled by the FBI and the original Red Scare of the 1950’s. Today a Deep State is really the product of all the right wing ranters financiers like Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch, the Koch Brothers, The pro-eugenic’s FAIR organization founded by the Scaife fortune and the billionaire who owns news stations in 30% of the American Market the Sinclair Group.

These forces have all acted together to purge old Republicans like me in primaries by calling us RINO’s. (Republicans in Name Only) Sadly, most of the old moderates rolled over and played dead but clung to the Party and whoever it nominated for public office rather than turn their backs on a family affiliation that sometimes went back to the Civil War. As anyone who has followed my career in Duluth knows all too well, I don’t roll over and play dead.

Well the Sinclair Group put a vile ad on ABC stations during the Democratic Debate last night. It didn’t play in Duluth but it pits brown Americans against each other using one group as Uncle Toms calling (in this case) Latina Congresswoman Cortez an accomplice to the genocide in Cambodia. Instead of cut up fetuses, the Sincliar Group took AOC’s photo and burned it to reveal the skulls of the Cambodian holocaust from which the narrator’s family escaped.

Other than the villainy of this ad it offers rich irony with the narrator proudly calling herself a “Republican” at its conclusion. The mass murderers who butchered her family in Cambodia were child soldiers orphaned when Republican Richard Nixon began a secret and illegal bombing campaign over Cambodia during the Vietnam War. The Khmer Rouge, a nationalist organization, adopted and armed these waifs and waved the banner of Communism, but really, their insane butchery was more “Helter Skelter” and “Charles Manson Family” than British or French socialism or, for that matter, American Social Security.

Too bad today’s Republicans aren’t very likely to have the class to denounce this hideous monstrosity. The good ones, like Senator McCain, are a dying breed.

The new Christ of God’s Own Party aka the GOP.

If Hurricane Dorian doesn’t crucify him the voters who aren’t kept from the polls in 2020 by Republican election tinkerers might. God knows what his second coming will look like.

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This is it:

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Speaking of a nation with lower church attendance and more socialism

This arresting comparison of the decency that is Norway and the blight that can be America I got on Facebook. I have little reason to seriously doubt any of the statistics it presents.

A few posts back I said I’m having a hard time thinking about writing a book about schools while the Republican Party keeps sinking closer to hell. Well, my Dad and his father-in-law were two different kinds of Republicans. Dan Welty was a realist about what made sense and had no desire to turn back all of FDR’s programs the way Donald Trump wants to stamp out any trace of Barack Obama. He thought Medicare made sense. My Grandfather was of a different frame of mind. I’ve mentioned before that my Dad talked my grandfather into accepting Medicare by telling him that he had paid for it with his taxes. That settled it.

There is something of a real “Deep State” but its part of the Republican machinery and its funded by kooky billionaires of an earlier Era. They have been allowed by the Supreme Court to contaminate election campaigns to the GOP’s benefit on the theory that money, stolen or otherwise, is free speech and can be given surreptitiously to political parties who will in turn offer more tax breaks to the billionaires in return for bigger campaign donations. These Billionaires want to save themselves from enduring Norway’s kind of fair deal for citizens.

Call me a socialist.