Don Quixotic vs. Don the Destroyer

According to the Snowbizz Page I posted this photo to I was planning on running for Congress again in 2012. Also, according to this page the winter of 2011-2012 was almost as snowless at this winter until a March snow storm gave birth to Don Quixote.

I have laid out a line of materials that I hope will soon be a book to promote my campaign.

Can I put it together in two weeks? Sooner? Time will tell. In the meantime this morning I laid out a personal set of qualities I think I possess and a set of deficiencies in my nemesis of the last eight years Donald Trump.

I will, of course, support Jen Schultz should I lose to Pete Stauber but I will make the case that having a Loki in the heart of the GOP may be more critical to the regrowth of two sensible political parties than electing a sober Democrat. That’s a tall order. The GOP has been so poisoned by Donald Trump its hard to see a Party-of-Lincoln Reemerge. In fact, I think the Lincoln Party is what I would help organize at some future date if the Trumplican Party staggers on from one attempted coup to more attempted coups.

I heard Donald Trump say something that coming from anyone else would be considered totally unhinged.

Here is what Trump made sure his consiglieres on the Supreme Court heard: :

“On the campaign trail in New Hampshire last month, Trump pointed out he named three of the six conservative justices on the U.S. Supreme Court. Then, he mused about what they might do and why.

“Republicans, they want to show that they can’t be bought, that the fact that you put them there, and made their lives, took them from someplace where they were doing quite well,” Trump said. “But you know what? They want to go out of their way to be politically correct.”

But dangerously for Trump it is a core belief

Googling for this quote I found another horrid thing he said last June that the Rolling Stone caught.
from the Rolling Stone last June he was quoted as saying.

“Many presidents never get the opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court justice. I had three. They are gold,” he boasted to the crowd gathered in Philadelphia that night, referring to Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett. “Maybe we’ll get three or four more. Can you imagine?.. Let’s have seven or eight or maybe even nine.”

I told my French pen pal I don’t think Trump will be elected again but I say that despite a year’s worth of polls in which Biden and Trump are neck and neck. Anyone shrugging off the possibility that the Party betraying its founder Abraham Lincoln will let this happen has only to look at his pathetic Congressional enablers like Minnesota’s Pete Stauber. Pete rolled over and played dead within minutes of Trump’s sending zip tie wielding Nazi’s into Congress to hang Vice President Pence.

God may not even know what Trump will do if he is reelected for the one day he promised to be a Dictator. He’s threatening the Supreme Court; the Justice Department and he has strongly hinted to his most unhinged supporters that going after his tormentors would be OK with him. His strategy now is to prevent any of the four cases he’s wrapped up in from being decided before election day. If he’s reelected he says he will pardon himself and therefore be immune forever from ever being found guilty of anything. My hope? My desperate hope is that the 60 percent of Americans who think he should be punished if he is found guilty will see his court room histrionics for that they are. A continuation of the advice he got from his mentor Roy “I’M NOT QUEER!!!!! as-a-three-dollar-bill I JUST f*** them while I represent the mafia in court” Cohn taught Donald Trump. To never admit guilt and to never give up in court. Delay, Delay, Delay. If he can delay any judgements until he wins reelection he can pardon himself for all time from every crime he committed or at least be free from arrest until he finished the third term he thinks will be available to him because he had to sit out the last four years after a Democratic candidate with seven million more votes than him stole the election he won.

Trump has already planned to kill the Justice Department and the Courts by packing them with his Quislings. The question I have of people in Minnestota’s 8th Congressional District is are they prepared to do the unconventional and cut quisling Stauber off at the knees by voting for a Lincoln Republican in the wonderful Minnesota primary election that was designed by Minnesotans in the 1920’s who didn’t trust political parties. The open primary lets anyone choose for the minute they vote which party to cast a vote in. Any Minnesotan who admires Abraham Lincoln is a hundred times the Republican of someone willing to undo the Civil War he won which preserved out union.


This is Harry Welty right now in the February before the November election:

The good news is America doesn’t yet have a Chinese Communist level Dictatorhip. If Harry Welty can find enough allies he believes he has the qualities below in enough supply to counter Trump’s liabilities which are also listed below. To wit:


The unheralded strength of Humility
And, after 73 years, I am in the right place at the right time – an emergency with the right ideas.

Money (much of which he stole from his family his creditors, his contributors and taxpayers )
Arrogance (because he was only rewarded and never spanked)
Insecurity because he understands the establishment he craves adulation from sees him for what he is insecure and uncool.
Perhaps the most stamina for self promotion ever concentrated in any insecure narcissist.
And a big audience of people who feel they have A been set on the side lines by the people Trump resents and I might add not without reason. B who crave a some vibrant red in a sea of Republican gray and C Are in the process of deciding whether Democracy is less important than a powerful hit of feeling powerful.

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