Welcome to my readership whoever you are

I have only sporadically checked the stats for my blog in recent years but lately I’ve begun doing it more regularly. After two weeks of not looking at it while furiously putting my book together I checked them today. For the past few weeks they are heartening. They are not quite triple what they were a month or two back but they have been steadily climbing. This is my fourth attempt, or it might become my fourth attempt, to topple Pete Stauber. I have grown reasonably confident that the Trump true believers don’t read what I write here or in the Reader because I’ve been bashing Republicans for years. I didn’t read much Limbaugh either just enough to see what brain rot he wrote.

And Republicans hanger’s on who followed The cynical Limbaugh’s radio success eventually hollowed out the party by imitating the half billionaire by primarying any independent thinking out of elective office. Trump just finished the job leaving remnants that can be easily persuaded to believe in Furries, fighting masks when inhaling or exhaling fatal viruses and wearing guns to protect themselves from drag queens reading children’s books.

Maybe today’s College Republicans would read what I write. If they were to I suspect they would be astonished that any living Republican still reveres a ghost like Abraham Lincoln. Gosh they are all MBA’s (master of Business Adm) who see how successful Trump’s been with Furry believing WWF fans. I hope they are not too eager to prostitute themselves like Tucker Carlson who’s chief failing is his failure to honestly advertise his services in his first name. It does not bear the correct consonant.

I listened to the news with Claudia this morning. She woke before me and had already baked a loaf of Irish Tea Bread while preparing tonight’s corned beef and cabbage. She has been reading my book for two days now. It is the first time in my twenty-two years as a writer that she has looked at what I have sweated out to publish in the Reader. The only thing she has found confusing are my attempts to build segues between columns. She tells me the columns stand by themselves. I have a few more to add.

I’ve started the process of getting the Library of Congresses IMBD number and I’ve talked over the details of getting books published. I’m in a hurry but I am so far ahead of any past congressional campaign that I have some room to make sure the book I’m writing won’t embarrass my family too badly. Claudia remembers our garage full of the thousands of unsold books from my 1992 congressional run. She has every right to be skeptical. I think that however mediocre my book may prove to be I should be able to sell a couple thousand of them in an age when the polls tell us 65 out of 100 Americans are fearful that our Democracy is at stake. Maybe I can even sell more.

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