The Nine…..and the mirror image

I finished my column early because of a stepped up Reader deadline. It seems printers like to enjoy their holidays too…..not to mention editors. We also had a modest snowfall and I was still not quite done with the 2022 election. A quick snow sculpture idea popped in my head.

I took a picture of it and sent it to my French pen pal. Her reply with a screen shot sent back to me served as the inspiration for the column. All will be explained in the Reader which I will post here in a day or two. As you can see the verbiage of the ten commandments was beyond my technical abilities but the Roman Numerals were not. However, in this first iteration they were not easy to see and soon to melt.

A second snowfall didn’t give the numerals time to melt so yesterday, knowing the column was about to show up on the stands, I carved the numbers more boldly…….but with a small mishap…..

Fortunately I looked at it out and discovered I’d turned the second tablets numerals around in a mirror image. I went back to work.

I expect that a few dozen folks who have driven by googled the ninth commandment to see what provoked the question mark. The column will explain all and I’ll post it when it goes online.

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