Two Bibles and more

After my foray into Native American history I am going to change course. Claudia is now reading Black Elk Speaks and we were chatting about the author’s childhood in the era of the Sioux Uprising. He had a vision as a nine year old which directed him the rest of his life and part of that life would lead to his becoming a Christian. As we talked I explained I thought my next reading would be two fold. I wanted to read the Turner Diaries the Bible of America’s far white right which motivated Timothy McVeigh to blow up the federal building in Tulsa, Oklahoma and to finish reading the New Testament. The latter was a project of about twenty-five years ago when I started taking Claudia’s Sunday School Classes.

I almost finished them getting through most of Paul’s work but not getting into most of the succeeding books although fifteen years ago I finally read Revelations to get a better idea where the Republican party is headed. After being invited on Claudia’s peace studies in the Holy Land I finally read the Old Testament from beginning to end over the course of the following year. (Here’s a post from when I was about half way through the testament back in 2016)

So next up in a week or two (I’ve slowed down on Tecumseh to about a chapter a day) I’ve got two Bibles. I did skip ahead to the last page which demonstrates that there is a happy ending for the people who hope overthrow the Godless colorblind God that currently is spoiling Old Testament America. (and as of 2016 had apparently already inspired 200 murders) Here’s the ending paragraph which I just printed out from a pdf file:

“Among those uncounted thousands Earl Turner played no small part. He gained immortality for himself on that dark November day 106 years ago when he faithfully fulfilled his obligation to his race, to the Organization, and to the holy Order which had accepted him into its ranks. And in so doing he helped greatly to assure that his race would survive and prosper, that the Organization would achieve its worldwide political and military goals, and that the Order would spread its wise and benevolent rule over the earth for all time to come.

The End””

Spoken like a Trumplican…..No Global Warming. Elimination of subjucation of all not pure arryans and goodness knows what else. I’ll start finding out in a couple weeks.

BTW. I couldn’t find a book to buy online the offers fizzled out as I looked or were far too pricey. This was the second time I’d looked for it. But I found a site with a pdf that I could print out. Its only 120 pages on the pdf I’m printing but something about it is making it a dreadfully slow process. I’m about half way though the pdf and once I pushed print I went down to have lunch and listen to an hour long fifth episode on an eight part podcast from Britain’s Economist on China’s Xi Jinping.

I’m also reading a book out loud to Claudia at lunch called The Oppermans.

That will be worth a little commentary too when I’ve finished it.

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