The Genius of the mentally incomplete Donald Trump

Or how I take notes for future reference.

I don’t have a top hat like Abe Lincoln to stick notes in but I have lots of post-it-note pads.

When I got home from a chat with a printer about some books I want to print this series of thoughts popped into my head that I jotted down on pink note pads. I’ve just lined them up next to my keyboard to share with my blog audience. It seems to be growing since I started posting regularly again. Its almost double what it was at the beginning of January. I hope the Stauber people are reading it. I want to keep Congressman Pocket lint busy peeing in his pants.

Now I’ll type them up almost verbatim. If I were to flesh them out for a Reader Column or a regular blog post I’d do some serious editing but I think I’ve described how sociopaths operate. If you turn a lie into the truth in your own head you can fool polygraphs and Trump supporters.

1. The genius of Donald Trump is his discovery that if he invents a lie but trains himself to believe it HE IS NOT LYING. He trained himself

2. for at least half a year before he lost the 2020 presidential election when the polls showed

3. him losing that he could only lose if the election was stolen from him. He is…

4. He is very lucky that 1 in 4 Americans are so paranoid or schizophrenic about politics after a lifetime of

5. Watching Fox News (or listening) to Rush Limbaugh that seeing Trump’s confident lie makes them believers.

6. He’s not lying. He really turned his lie into a conviction. Its how he has ripped so many

7. people off during his entire thieving career.

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