In Today’s news….and my nominee for the new kind of Republican

I will try to be brief so I can move on to writing more columns for my series on education in the Reader. I would like to resume regular blogging after a nearly two year hiatus to study French and clear my head.

To begin. Those in shock at the state of the GOP should look with very cold clear eyes at what is has become – the party of John Wilkes Booth. Yes, the Anti-Lincoln mentioned at the end of the previous post yesterday.

I have been meaning to write a piece about the long history of the US. undermining democracy abroad when people we didn’t like got elected. The legacy of such democratic undermining boomeranged on us in places as Disparate as Iran, Guatamala, Venezuela and by the French in Algeria. Sometimes a strong democracy needs to let idiots like communists and radical religionists win if only to let their voters know how inept they are. But that is a column for another day. Today I nominate the WaPo editorial urging Biden not to let Belarus’s dictator get by with his chasing out of the woman who defeated him in the last election. I concur with the Post’s Editors.

I urge cold, clear eyes because every thing Republicans are now doing reflects the urge to destroy our democracy in the name of democracy. Like appointing Congressman Jim Jordan who supported the January 6th overthrow of a legally elected Biden to the committee to investigate the failed putsch. BUT NEITHER JORDAN OR HIS APPOINTER MCCARTHY ARE MY NOMINEES

Cold, clear eyes are needed for nasty people like the Trump lover who has put up Fuck-Biden signs all over her residential neighborhood. BTW I was really irritated with WaPo because its story wouldn’t tell me which offensive word got her neighbors to try to take her signs down. This story from New Jersey shows the signs. BUT THIS F-BOMBER IS NOT MY NOMINEE

Cold, clear eyes are needed to deal with self described Christians of the Promise Keeper variety of male dominance who will positively crap in their pants over this story of a transexual model who is being put on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swim suit edition. BUT OUTRAGED CHRISTIANS ARE NOT MY NOMINEE EITHER

In a world in which Republicans froth at the mouth over an acronym for teaching about historic racism, ignor the truth of a seven million majority for Biden, revel in supporting the overthrow of our democracy, and try to turn back the clock to a time that never was: THIS IS MY NOMINEE FOR A NEW KIND OF REPUBLICAN. Outraged, incoherent, nihilistic, triggered and well-armed.

Cold, clear eyes are needed by everyone who wants America to survive our current state of undress.

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