If you would like to make sure I don’t get endorsed…

…by the DFL as the Congressional Convention nears you will want to begin at next Tuesday’s precinct caucus. This site will tell you where you caucus.

You will have to make sure your name is put in nomination for the next levels of conventions especially the Congressional Caucus.

If by chance you actually would like to have the opportunity to support me at that level I would recommend your not making a big deal of it. I’m not everybody’s cup of tea an no one discriminates against folks who say they are uncommitted.

Of course, I may only try to win the primary or, I suppose, not bother at all. It will depend on how my books coming. Its not coming along at all while I’m spending time with family in Florida……Although I had a very useful day flying out here from Minnesota. I’m all caught up on the first three years of Wendell Anderson’s gubernatorial administration.

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