Marketing a Welty Campaign

The last post so pleased me I thought it might work as a booklet. So I lifted the text and screen shots of the sites where they were taken and spent a couple hours stringing them together. Ten pages for a cogent begginer lesson on how Benjamin Netanyaho pulled America into the maelstrom again with the help of useful idiot Donald Trump.

I spread it out with its ten pages and made a quickie cover for a 12 page booklet and I think I’ve come much closer to a tool to help me contrast 50 years of soaking up information than Congressman Staubers eight year conversion to the overthrow of the government of the United States.

As for the “marketing” part of this…..I guess I’m marketing myself as a modern day Abraham Lincoln. He got a huge lift with his Cooper’s Union speech. I got great insight about Lincoln from that book by Harold Holzer. I mention it in a long list of books on Civil Rights in the 2013 post when I last won an election that time for the School board. Ah I see I’ve mentioned it in four previous posts here.

I snapped a photo of the ten pages of text to show you how much you would read to fully grasp the previous post that motivated me to put it all together……but the upload is taking its sweet time. I’m going to watch a Great British baking show with Claudia while I wait.

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