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I have only just returned to my blog stats after ignoring them for perhaps two or three election cycles. The first two days of February suggest that if I start writing again people will return. Both days show that the number of people checking out a relatively boring old blog have more than doubled.

Day………..# of visits…….Pages……Hits……….Bandwidth
01 Feb 2024…..1,245…..35,845…..170,402…..9.63 GB
02 Feb 2024…..1,334…..28,086…..135,922…..7.66 GB

I am not content with a blog or even the WeltyforCongress site. The one thing they have never been used for so far is collecting lots of online donations. If I can catch a viral surge that could change. For the previous three times I filed to run against Congressman Stauber I thought that was imminently possible. With each campaign season there was a growing recognition by voters that things weren’t right. That’s more true now than ever. Stauber will be defeated one way or another.

So, Thursday I talked with my mailing adviser about printing a book. I got good advice and as I review almost forgotten old blog posts I keep discovering that I wrote well and made sense. I have enough readable 800 word columns that will point people to something many of them have never seen – an honest, reasonable and compelling Republican. I could easily publish three volumes of “Welty Readers.” Today I’m going to read through all the columns I published in 2003 in the Duluth Reader (then called the Reader Weekly). The first one tells both a bit about me as a candidate and school board member wrestling with a promise that was coerced out of me never to raise the tax levy if I got on the School Board. Its not bad at all.

As it points out the first President Bush got hoisted on his “Read my lips” petard. This column talks about then Minnesota Republican Governor Pawlenty’s similar pledge. I’m counting on voters wanting such an author elected to public office. There are another 24 columns from 2003 for me to read. If half of them are as worthy of being added to a book as the first I’m swimming in riches.

And yesterday I discovered what will have to be the back cover of my book. It was the second page of my campaign letter from 2020 that shows the pledge to God and America that Pete Stauber has now made and broken three times. He lied to both God and Americans when he took the oath of office and has deferred instead to his God Donald Trump.

This is the column Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire. It could easily be the first column in my upcoming book.

And its time for me to seek donations again so let me see if I can tempt anyone to be my first contributor of 2024:


Feel Free to share the link to this post with your friends. This is it: If you do…….

…..Put something intriguing in the subject line of your email like: “this guy makes so much sense its scary.” or “I wish I could send this guy’s campaign a million dollars” or “If I was Donald Trump I’d send my lawyers to sue the hell out of this man.”

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